Is there a way to get Reaktor to output a value into Maschine UI?

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I am trying to make a Compressor Gain Reduction level readout show up in Maschine UI. I was thinking that easiest way to do this obviously would be to just make a knob, map Maschine UI to it, and then to be able to send a number value to set the knobs' value.. however this doesn't seem to be possible! AFAIK, none of the readout modules in Reaktor have a "Connect" tab, which means they cannot be mapped onto Maschine UI in any capacity..

Is there a workaround? If not, I'm thinking of making a feature request out of this one.. Would be very, very useful to be able to send some sort of numerical readouts to Maschine/M+


EDIT: I am an idiot! I forgot the ever so useful "Internal Connections" panel.. sending to a knob is trivial with this, I'll test this in Maschine ASAP!!


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    Well, it works.. kind of. I can get the Maschine UI to update it's parameter views for like 1 second, but after that second, values stop updating again? This is sort of odd, since manual twisting of a knob which has a send/receive link with a Maschine UI mapped knob updates perfectly and keeps updating always when you move the knob.. Maschine UI prioritizes manually tweaked parameters somehow?!

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    There’s a block in the just released (free) ‘tangle pack lite’ pack called ‘Knob LEDs’

    This might do what you need for displaying a level meter on the Maschine display (feel free to modify / use how you need) -->

    • Knob LEDs - Use the knobs on the Maschine to simulate a bank of LEDs using the knob's labels. Use this block with the Maschine hardware and the 'Drum Pad' block for visual feedback, by learning the Maschine's knobs to the block's ports. The labels display:
    • 0 = OFF
    • <0 = PULSING
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