Komplete Audio 2 Interface Bug with Windows Audio

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Hey,when im loading up my DAW (Fl Studio),windows's audio started to heavily crackling,distored and slowed down until i finished loading up the DAW,it even happens with the DAW's audio when im switching to another project with the current project still playing.I tried different sample rate settings but that didnt work,my old m-audio fast track pro works flawlessy without any problems,so thats that.It would be nice if you guys could take a look.

PS: also there was one time i updated my Nvidia driver and the bug appeared without any DAW opened,it didnt stop distorting until i reinstalled KA2's driver and it was normal again

Windows 10,FL Studio,i5 8400,16GB RAM,KA2's driver ver 5.22.0



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    how much RAMS does your PC have. What operating system are you using. And when was the last time you updated your drivers. posting your full stats. sometimes makes it easier to recognize the problem

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    It looks like a matter of driver/firmware update.

    You can find the links here:

    Let us know if it solves the issue.

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    @DIS-ONE i updated the post,my bad i forgot

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    @Nico_NI my driver is already in the latest version when this bug occured,KA 1&2 5.22.0

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    What about the FL Studio version?

    You said the crackling happen when opening your DAW. Maybe the launch scan eats a lot of CPU (in case you would have a huge library to rescan at every launch) and produces some distortion on the output.

    But I'm no expert on this. Maybe it would be worth to have the support standpoint on this. Feel free to contact the Komplete Audio team over here: https://bit.ly/n1audio

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