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Kimmo Laine
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Hi, I was trying to create a knob with custom image, but Reaktor seems 'shift' the images between frames and create unwanted movement. See the attached 'ui.png' and notice the thickness of the top black border.

The used button image is 80 x 800, and to my understanding this will create 10 80 x 80 images. I have created the image so that each has the same height.

Any ideas what might be causing this movement?


  • KoaN
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    edited April 2023

    When there's a shift it means your frames are not all equal or ordered equally,i just did a quick test and copy pasted your first number on top of the others and around 4-5 it starts to misalign...make sure all are the same size and spread equally from top to bottom

  • Big Gnome
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    Well the entire image is 80x800, but check your image again--there's a gutter of a few pixels on the left (which is fine in this case since the frames are vertically aligned), and on the top and bottom, so the individual frames are not quite (or at least not consistently) 80x80.

  • MvKeinen
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    the free software skinman is very easy to use and perfect for that job. you can set up a grid, in your example 80x80 pixels, and make sure that everything is perfectly aligned.

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