Anyone else having problems upgrading to 6.5? (solved, thanks all)

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Edit: solved - thanks to everyone who helped - I was on old Native Access, but it didn't tell me there was a newer version!


Today I got around to trying to upgrade to 6.5.

Opened Native Access, and it said 6.5 was already installed. So I started Reaktor. Still the time limited beta version.

So I uninstalled. Then refreshed.

Native access then gave the option to install 6.4.3, but no option for 6.5. So I installed that, and refreshed, and rebooted etc.

Native Access now things I am fully up to date with 6.4.3 installed, no option to upgrade to 6.5 !

Any thoughts or solutions?

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  • Kubrak
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    Not all get it in NA at the same time. I guess to avoid overloading download servers. So, one of possibilities is that you are still in the queue for updating....

    But there might be another problem. I would wait for a day or so. It is weekend....

  • just_jump
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    I was on the beta and simply did a reinstall in NA and seemed to be ok. I think the beta was probably the RC anyway, but wanted to be sure. As mentioned give a a day and refresh NA maybe try a reinstall. I wouldn't bother going the the hoops of uninstalling.

  • errorsmith
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    same, i just did a re-install and it worked.

  • Ed M
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    Answer ✓

    This is possible.

    Anyways, I opened NA2 yesterday and it got updated to a newer version, after which the Reaktor 6.5 update showed up.

  • Rob Gee
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    I was having the same problem with the latest Maschine update a few weeks back. I updated to Native Access 2 and the update showed up.

  • ehdyn
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    Might have to uninstall, do the reg edit and then refresh Native Access and reinstall Reaktor.

    I have to do this with basically every plugin on a brand new system.. every update.

    Also, make sure you are running Native Access 3.3.0

  • Paule
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    I've dl with NA 3.2.2 and all where fine. After that I've upgrade NA to 3.3.0.

    But I wasn't a beta tester. win10pro 22H2

  • colB
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    Thanks everyone.

    Turns out I was on an old version of Native Access. Unfortunately that old version didn't tell me anywhere that there was a newer version, so I didn't know!

    Updated to the latest Native Access and the 6.5 update appeared.

    So now the question is, how do I get the new Native Access with dark text on a light background. I really can't stand bright text on super dark background. Just nasty, gives me a headache!

  • ehdyn
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    There's a thread where they're taking feedback until the 20th pertaining to Native Access

  • colB
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    I had a look, but I can't find an active thread. There is one that ended in December or January...

    There is another 'dev' thread, but no request for feedback or closing date specified on that one... at least not that I can find.

    Seems odd, this forum, google, amazon, basically every large corporation with budget for analytics knows that black text on light background is best by far. There is no reason to have only a dark theme. Have it as an option for sure, but not the only choice :(

    Reaktor itself is not ideal, but at least its a grey background, not very dark. I don't have a problem with that. The extreme contrast in Native Access 2 is truly annoying though. I suppose it must be 'cool' or something?

  • chk071
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    Edit: Nevermind, didn't read properly.

  • ehdyn
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    This is the one I'm referring to

    "Hayo will be happy to answer any questions you have. Be sure to drop your questions here before this thread is closed on Thursday, April 20!"

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