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Brandon Fowler
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Well Ive downloaded Native access, registered my Maschine mk3, and had all my software readying for downloading. It was talking a long time so I just feel asleep. When I woke up I notice the computer was off so I turned it back on. When I open Native Access, some software was missing and most of the downloaded were demos. I've tried everything online even windows 10 add and remove. And now noting is showing up in Native access but the free software. I have delated all-things Native Instrument on my computer and still cant retrieve. I don't no what to do I am a beginner at this.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Brandon Fowler I saw you contacted our support team and looks like there's a typo in your account where serials are registered. Since we've fixed it for you already I'm closing this post. Enjoy your Maschine!

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