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Can anyone advise how to update traktor Pro & retain your same library?

Every time I update it installs a new library.

Ive tried searching but not had any luck finding the definitive guide on how to do this



  • lord-carlos
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    Normally it asks you on startup if you want to import the previous library. And you have to select yes.

  • Quade
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    Good Afternoon @Native

    Kindly have a look at my active thread, perhaps this may help you.

    It works very very well for me & I retain everything from the previous version. Private message me should you require assistance. I am more than happy to guide & assist you.

    Warm Regards

  • Native
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    edited March 2023

    The issue I usually have is I always have missing tracks & missing stripes, playlists, cuepoints if I run through the import wizard.

    I now have multiple collections with missing tracks which is very annoying. I jsut want 1 collection containing everything.

    Is there a way of getting everything into 1 collection?

  • Quade
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    I never use the wizard. Hence I sent you the thread link to check out. I have no issues using this method when a beta or official version is released.

  • Native
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    ill give it a try, thanks

  • Sacco Naz
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    I was trying to figure the same thing out...

    Basically.... can you import more than ONE Collection...

    2 things could happen:

    1. The latest Collection will overwrite the previous Collection
    2. The latest Collection will merge with the previous Collection

    Had many issues transferring form Pro to Pro Plus and all my Playlists were empty and this has happened repeatedly over the months.

    I open Traktor and it's empty and I have to reimport the latest Collection which takes about 5 hours...

    I know I'm still mission data so I am curious to know the answer without having to use trial and error..



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