S2 MK3 with independent MIXER EFFECTS

Eduardo D'Queiroz
Eduardo D'Queiroz Member Posts: 11 Member

SHIFT (A) + MXFX = Deck A, MXFX Select

SHIFT (B) + MXFX = Deck B, MXFX Select

Monitor Cue (A), Monitor Cue (B), for on/off MXFX per Deck.

use Monitor Cue (stantard) with Shift.

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  • innerdrum
    innerdrum Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    hola / hI ! care to explain in detail what this does? im new to controllers and looking for using aditional traktor FX.

    Gracias! / Thanks


  • Eduardo D'Queiroz
    Eduardo D'Queiroz Member Posts: 11 Member

    Hey Nicolas, so, this TSI configuration is for the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3 controller. If you're using it, you might have noticed that by default you can only select one effect for both decks in the MX FX on the S2 MK3, which greatly limits its use. With this TSI configuration, you can select the MX FX effects independently, similar to what happens in the S3 MK3, S4 MK3.

    This configuration is so useful that it should be the default on the S2 MK3.

    If you're using another controller/hardware for FX, could you provide more details about the model and what you need?


  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,287 Expert

    Otherwise, pressing left-side SHIFT + Mixer FX inserts Deck A and vice versa.

    Please upload to maps.djtechtools.com so it is easier to find for everyine.

    Mapping posts like this got lost pretty quickly in a sea of Traktor issues in this forum and we don't have a proper mapping section here.

  • innerdrum
    innerdrum Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    Thank you Eduardo! I got the s2 mk3 so this helps a lot. Thanks for the explanation

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