Software stuck Activating when Installing. Stays in Demo. Fix Windows 10

Chris Michael
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Hi all

I've had a nightmare the last 4 days but finally I've figured it out and hope this helps someone else so they don't go through the same pain I did lol.

I first merged both my email accounts together! Still wouldn't work

Updated Windows, Still wouldn't work.

Delete Everything Native Instruments from PC

I then created a new local user on my pc so its not using a Microsoft account and set up as administrator(I think one drive is maybe a cause with file installations)

I then went into command prompt but when you open make sure you open by Run as administrator

Type sfc/scannow

Let it run and then restart pc

Turn all virus software off

Install Native Instruments

Install software.

All my products have now activated and downloaded full versions

This worked for me and hope if anyone else has the same problem this will also work


  • Karlos Santos
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    Thanks for posting this Chris. Hopefully it will help someone else if they encounter this issue.

    To be honest, I haven't owned a Windows machine for over 20 years so I'd be useless at helping on this one.


  • Wyley
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    You do know that the best Windows machine on the market is and will always be an Apple computer.😉 I always have windows on all my macs for the past 15 years. 🤣 It's great for products that go oel due to apple changing certain things and manufacturers not supporting their products anymore because of it. I'm waiting to be able to install Windows on my M1.

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