Problems with loop functions in Traktor mapping

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Hi all! I recently acquired an Allen & Heath Xone K2 that I am mapping to be able to play 4 decks. I play hypnotic techno, so the main DJ functions I use are loops.

I'm having trouble mapping loop functions, specifically loop in and out, loop size, and changing the location of where the loop starts.

What are those functions called in Traktor, and how can I incorporate the use of a Shift button on my K2 to access more features? I'd be mainly using an encoder for the loop functions, so I can scroll for loop size and location, and push in and out to activate or deactivate the loop.

Any pointers or examples of your own mappings are welcome!


  • DJ_DichOtomy
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    You're going to have to learn how to use modifiers, it can be confusing at first, I'd recommend going to DJ Tech Tools website search for Traktor Mapping and you'll find a couple of articles that will help you out. Also there's a guy on you tube that made a really detailed set of videos that really go in depth with Mapping in Traktor. I can't remember his name, just search you tube for Traktor mapping, you'll find it. Good Luck

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