Has anyone managed to hook a DDJ 200 up to the Traktor software?

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It's not featured in the reagular list of controllers, and I tried one of the mapping softwares and it didn't work.

Wondering if anyone had done it manually?

I have zero clue on this. Help welcome :)


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  • Karlos Santos
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    Unfortunately I have no experience of this controller.

    It looks to have a super simple layout so creating a mapping would be fairly easy for the basic functions but I appreciate that mapping is not easy for everyone.

    There is a mapping for the DDJ200 over at DJ Tech Tools so you could install that and see how it works.

    Chapter 15 in the Traktor manual shows how to import a map. It's in your Applications/Traktor folder if you're on Mac.


    It's definitely worth looking on YouTube to see how to begin with mapping. It's a lot easier that it first appears.

    This will help:




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