Flex Beat works in Maschine!

Peter Harris
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When I saw all of the promos and YT videos about InMusic's cool new Flex Beat plugin, I was prepared to have some FOMO about my long-sold MPC One but there's no need! In case anyone is interested, I bought it and I can report that it works fantastically in Maschine! It's an absolute blast to play with.

Haven't figured out yet how to map the pad-style layout to Maschine's pads but I'm hoping to figure it out tonight. But the plugin's parameters seem to be exposed well to KK and Maschine so you can change categories, banks and 16-effect groups using the encoders and I actually think it's works better that way then when using the plugin interface.

FYI the intro price is only $39 right now and I think it's worth every penny.

Haven't had this much fun since Polyverse which if you haven't tried it is incredibly amazing too!


  • D-One
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    It's pretty cool, looks like FL's Gross Beat. It's nice to see Akai is paying attention to tools that are very popular, they also added a Half-Speed a while back clearly due to the success of Half-time.

    Maschine's Perform FX can do some of the things Flex beat does but it's def not as elegant and customizable... Especially visually.

    Knobs can work but it's very hard to be precise that way. For using the Pads there isisnt much to it, to trigger the FX on a Group for example you can:

    • Set the Audio output of the Group you wish to affect to a Pad with Flex Beat loaded on a Pad in another Group.
    • Set the Pad in that 2nd Group to Keyboard mode and Focus on the C1 octave.

    If you wish to stay in the same Group you can also multi-select and configure the 15 Pads to send Audio to the remaining Pad that has Flex loaded, then again just focus on it in Keyboard Mode and press away!

  • Fuhhrare
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    Can anyone guide me in set up? I’ve tried moving the .DLL file with no luck. I’ve scanned, rescanned for the actual VST plus the file location as well, can’t find anything on this and kind of don’t want to wait to hear from support only to receive redundant information!

  • Peter Harris
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    I just ran the installer and pointed it to my VST3 directory where it should have put it.

    It's a little trickier using it because you insert the plugin in an empty slot in an empty group (at least I did). Then select another group you want it to act on, then select the Group tab (in between Master and Sound), and click on the Channels icon (it looks like a little dial). Then select a Target from the dropdown, picking the appropriate group and sound number (like G8:S1) and dial up the Wet to 100% to make it easier to hear if it's having the desired effect.

    Then select the sound slot you put Flex Beat in and click the little arrow that punch you open up the interface for plugins. Make sure you click the headphones icon so you can hear a preview as you're selecting between your pad effects. (It is easier to tell if it's working if you do it in a project that you can loop playback in then click play to set it running.

    Any luck?

  • 6xes
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    Flex beat is a lot like Shaperbox2 and infiltrator2

    Flex beat would work well with lockstates... and saving the lockedstates in maschine

    locked states give you the ability to recall the preset... having a maschine jam makes it worth the time setting it up

  • Peter Harris
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    Cool idea. I'll have to try it with lock states.

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