LFO Delay Time problem

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i'm trying to have a regolable delay time of the lfo, and connecting the attack control to the delay control on the simple delay module inside the macro did the trick.

the release in the screenshot is connected with the release on the main envelope of the synth so the lfo can continue to modulate according to the release time.

The problem is that the first time i trigger a note the lfo starts according to the amount of dealy, but in a subsequent trigger the lfo continues immediately, i have to wait some seconds to have a note with delay time.

How i can resolve this?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Looping in our Reaktor expert @Paule - something for you perhaps?

  • colB
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    Context please - is this in a monophonic or a polyphonic synth?

    Generally, what is probably happening is that if the release is a noticeable length, then you release a note, then hit another while the envelope level is still high due to the release, then the new note will start its delay envelope at that level. So you need to have some mechanism to reset the envelope on a new note starting. How to do that successfully might depend on the context, hence my first question :)

    Best thing to do is post an example ensemble that can be loaded and debugged

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    Reaktor expert @Paule - something for you perhaps

    Not really, Kaiwan.

    Colin is an expert - myself is an autodidact with a lot of experiments.

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