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I have Komplete 14 Ultimate, downloaded everything and installed, have been using them without any problems until today.

When I open Kontact it suddently ask me to activate through native access so I went to native access 2 however none of the products that I bought are shown in the app.

I have re installed the native access and logged in again but nothing get better.

please kindly advice me, thanks.

Apple M2 13.2.1



  • aafanatic
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    Hi @tomogo

    what a pain. I’m on M2 as well and finally have everything working. When you go to the Native Instruments website does your order history show all your products? I ask because it’s weird that they don’t show up in your Native Access.

  • tomogo
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    yes it does show all of my products on my account/ product page on website. But somehow nothing appears on native access. I can’t even download, update or any actions from the native access.

  • aafanatic
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    @tomogo What a pain:-( You better start a support ticket. Please come back and tell us if you get it to work. We love success stories:-)

  • Lavan
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    I have the same problem with Traktor. Waiting for an answer to my ticket more than 10 days now.

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