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Kontakt 7 locking up when setting a Crossfade value for sample

ddavis Member Posts: 5 Sine
edited March 9 in Scripting Workshop

I've been using Kontakt 7 on a Macbook Pro (Monterey, 12.6.3 with M1 Pro & 32GB memory) for the past few days - importing some wav file samples of patches from my Kronos into new instruments on the Kontakt side. I haven't had any problems until today.

I've pulled in a set of samples each 15s long, some of the notes need a loop. I've selected a begin & end point. So far so good, when I try to set a crossfade value to 3000 (Which I've done with all other samples). As soon as I press enter Kontakt immediately displays the rotating beach ball and locks up, requiring a force application quit.

I've tried rebooting, making sure all other applications are closed, and also simply tried importing a single WAV file for one key to see if that helps, but the lockups continue. I tried loading the same sample into the mac mini that's part of my performance rig (Ventura 13.2.1, M2 Pro, 32GB) and the same thing happened there when I tried to apply a crossfade value.

I tried this with a shorter sample (5s) and there wasn't a problem. Is there a known problem/restriction for trying to set a crossfade for a loop long samples? Some of the sounds I sampled are synth-like with some LFO sweeps that begin after 9s, so I wanted to capture all of it. Not sure if I need to re-sample these, if so is there a different length I should target?

On some of these, I may just have to try and re-create the sound from scratch, but that takes a while, and I'm trying to debut the vst rig later this week, so sampling seemed quicker to match what I've been doing.


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,459 mod
    edited March 15

    Hey @ddavis Checking if this issue was reported before and trying to get answers to your questions.

    It seems that this was not reported and not reproducible on our side. What version of Kontakt 7 are you using exactly? Does that happen with other samples? Do these wav files have a particular format/sample frequency/bit depth ? Can you zip one sample and put it here, so we can check on our side?

  • corbo-billy
    corbo-billy Member Posts: 50 Tri

    I've seen this happen some time ago when trying to loop long samples; I reported this situation during a Kontakt 7 beta-test and I was told that the reproduction of the bug was impossible.

    Since then, it has not happened again.

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