TouchOSC Template for TRAKTOR PRO 3 [PROJECT]

RaHulk DJ
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I'm creating a template with TouchOSC to control TRAKTOR PRO 3.7.1, at the moment I'm working on effects and synchronization, currently it doesn't work because most functions depend on TRAKTOR mapping.

The template is completely made with LOCAL messages and basic MIDI, it does not contain any script, nor OSC messages, the idea is that anyone can modify it, even if they do not know how to program LUA or OSC.

I open this thread so that people can comment, request features or whatever. As I do the mapping in TRAKTOR I will put the .tsi and .tosc files.

Once finished, the template will be free, free to distribute and modify, it will only carry a Creative Commons license that prohibits its sale.

I leave you a .gif so you can see what has been done so far, I hope to have it mapped next week.

I am not sure if I am violating any forum rule, if so, I apologize in advance and if the moderators/administrators consider it appropriate, delete the thread.



  • RaHulk DJ
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    The project goes ahead:

    • Added group mode in effects.
    • Added mixer effects controls.
    • Added Mixer.
    • Added gain control.
    • Added PFL.
    • Added Jogs + Pitch. (in construction)
    • Added Browser Access (under construction).
    • Interface improvements.
    • Improvements in the labels, now they show the value.
    • XY panel improvements.

    In development phase:

    • Loop control.
    • scratch mode

    If anyone wants a feature, I'll do my best to add it. Don't be mean and ask me for the impossible, besides being a newbie making templates, I continue with my plan of not using LUA code and doing everything using MIDI and Local Messages.


  • RaHulk DJ
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    A screenshot with better quality, the .gif hasn't turned out too well.

  • Stevan
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    That looks like a pretty useful template. Well done.

  • RaHulk DJ
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    edited March 23

    Thank you very much, doing it without using scripts is taking me a lot of work, just one knob is about 80 layers all moved by a single invisible fader, but it's the only way to modify it within everyone's reach. When I finish it I will share it, it will be totally free.

  • flxfjs
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    Really interesting project. Can't wait to see it done or to help with testing / beta !

  • RaHulk DJ
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    Thank you.

    I will try to release an alpha version at the end of the week, the Jog will not be there, only the FX, XY, Global and Mixer units.

    There have been slight graphic modifications to the FADERs, now they look like TRAKTOR's.

  • RaHulk DJ
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    I've made changes to make it easier for users to map in case they prefer to use other channels.

    - VU made totally new, before each LED had its MIDI configuration, now they work using FADERs, before if you wanted to change the channel you had to modify 124 LEDs, now you have to modify only 10 FADERs.

    • VU gain integrated in the FADER.
    • A single FADER for volume, gain and auto-gain.
    • Tuned equalization knobs.
    • Equalization Knobs labels reset the value when pressed.
    • Mapping of the PFL.
    • PFL volume mapping.
    • Added MASTER OUT CLIP integrated in the FADER.
    • Aesthetic improvements.

    I hope to be able to release a demo soon, I'm new to both mapping TRAKTOR and using TouchOSC, as I do things I learn to make improvements and that causes me to keep making changes, sorry for the delay. I'm looking for it to be easy to modify by the people who use it, as well as being pretty.

  • RaHulk DJ
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    What design do you like best or do you see more comfortable?

  • 6xes
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    does the template have ableton link or midi sync buttons on the main interface??

    For me personally having beatjumps buttons would be extremely useful... given that Traktor is limited in amount of cue-points you can set

    for beatjumps buttons as follows

    -32 -16 -8 -4 -2 -1 -0.5 -0.25 and +0.25 +0.5 +1 +2 +4 +8 +16 +32

    the 0.5 & 0.25 values helps withsyncing as well *shrugs

  • RaHulk DJ
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    Yes, the template has both Ableton Live and MIDI sync.

    The effects and XY selection panels are drop-down menus, the space they leave is for Loops, CUE, Remix Deck, etc... but that will be for the next version, the beta version will be the one on the screenshot . Right now the template has 5.353 elements, I don't want to add more until I can launch the beta and confirm that everything works.

  • RaHulk DJ
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    I know him, I have him in the favorites bar.

  • mookee
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    hi. sorry, but the links dont work!/ it just a Application error

    An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. You can do this from the Heroku CLI with the command

    heroku logs --tail

    ? can i download your mapping somewhere?

    best regards, christoph

  • RaHulk DJ
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    There is no link, at the moment I am only reporting how the project is progressing.

    Soon I will post download links for both the template and the mappimg for TRAKTOR. The truth is that I am having some problems with the mapping, the modifiers sometimes work and sometimes they don't, I keep looking for the error.


  • tibq67
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    I'm looking forward to testing it

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