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TouchOSC Template for TRAKTOR PRO 3 [PROJECT]

RaHulk DJ
RaHulk DJ Member Posts: 25 Sine


I'm creating a template with TouchOSC to control TRAKTOR PRO 3.7.1, at the moment I'm working on effects and synchronization, currently it doesn't work because most functions depend on TRAKTOR mapping.

The template is completely made with LOCAL messages and basic MIDI, it does not contain any script, nor OSC messages, the idea is that anyone can modify it, even if they do not know how to program LUA or OSC.

I open this thread so that people can comment, request features or whatever. As I do the mapping in TRAKTOR I will put the .tsi and .tosc files.

Once finished, the template will be free, free to distribute and modify, it will only carry a Creative Commons license that prohibits its sale.

I leave you a .gif so you can see what has been done so far, I hope to have it mapped next week.

I am not sure if I am violating any forum rule, if so, I apologize in advance and if the moderators/administrators consider it appropriate, delete the thread.

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