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Hi, I have a new Mac and yes it is a M1 and yes it is because of the new machine and other software on monterey. I also have an iMac with intel and yes I need also to be here on monterey. All is working but sind last week native access does not download everything, native access do not update nothing.

NI please update we need a complete working software. Native access is since beginning a complete nightmare for me. It would be better to provide download packages instead.

Does anyone else has problems or a solution how to donwload updates with native access on monterey?

Thanks for help


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    Hi @flyingfox can you take screenshots of error messages so we understand better what is meant by Native Access not downloading everything/updating nothing?

    If it's Native Access itself failing to update (not products), these steps here usually help: Native Access Crashes or Freezes (Mac)

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Also don't forget you'll need Rosetta to use Native Access on Monterey: Mac compatibility

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    I have finally figured out why my Native Access would not download anything. It would constantly stall when trying to download any of the NI products. At some point in updating software - not sure if it was my OSx or Native Access - Native Access was trying to connect to the internet through my Local Ethernet connection instead of my WiFi network.

    My Ethernet only connected two computers together for use of Vienna Ensemble Pro and had no connection to the internet. Even though the WIFI Port/icon was at the top of the Network List in my Network Preferences, Native Access still wanted to use the wired ethernet connection.

    As soon as I disconnected the Ethernet cable Native Access started downloading and installing like a champ.

    I hope this helps.

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