Traktor 3.7.1 Windows 11 audio crackling issues, does not auto switch to S4MK3 when connected

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Hi, I recently did a reset of my computer and did a clean install of windows 11, and the latest version of Traktor. 3.7.1

After the installation, I am noticing 3 issues that did not exist before.

  1. When I connect my Traktor S4 MK3 to my computer (Lenovo legion Y530), Traktor does not automatically detect and switch my audio device to S4 MK3. It will say the audio is not connected, even though Traktor S4 MK3 is my audio device by default. I have to go into my device list and just click on Traktor S4 again, and then it starts to work. This never used to be the case - used to just plug and go. Has something changed?
  2. I do not see an ASIO driver for Traktor S4 MK3 (without it my latency is about 25 ms). I literally see an ASIO driver auto-installed for all other controllers by default, but not for Traktor. I manually went to the NI site and installed it, and now it seems to be present, however, issue #1 is still present.
  3. This is the biggest issue that did not exist before. I get crackling noises on my audio randomly and sometimes audio glitching (for e.g. when I turn some effect on, every once in a while, my audio will cut out for a 1/2 second) My CPU usage is very low, so that's not the issue. I have 16 GB of RAM, and less than 50% memory usage. I have an SSD. In addition to all of that, when running the diagnostic tool, everything is in the green and zero dropouts are detected ( i let it run for a while)

I feel like between my upgrade to windows 11, and Traktor 3.7.1 something got screwed up. Any advice on what to look for in troubleshooting is very much appreciated.


  • SteveKDJ
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    There are several errors.

    Not only Win11 but also Win10 has these bugs..

    (I have S2MK3 controller.) ASIO is not recommended for Windows.

    I am also waiting for a miracle or a fix.

    (a few years I guess)😓

  • MonyG
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    But clearly, people are using Windows machines with Traktor in a professional setting.. as was I.

    Are you saying that is no longer possible? Every guide I am reading recommends ASIO driver for lower latency.

    WINSAPI driver latency is almost 35ms which is quite high

  • Gabor
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    Hello, I have a S2 mk3.

    I noticed the crackling too. I saw in the task manager that it was eating the machine while playing music with WawesSycSvc Service Aplication. Turning that off stopped the crackling.

    (sorry for my bad English)

  • SteveKDJ
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    The dev (NI) group strongly recommended not to use ASIO on Windows (not that it helped).

    I did not make this up.

  • MonyG
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    Thanks @SteveKDJ for the color. The latency is too high to not use ASIO for me.

    If there are any other recommendations, pleas let me know

  • SteveKDJ
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    @MonyG , Unfortunately, I can't advise you either.

  • MonyG
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    bumping this thread

  • ErolexX
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    I have the same on my new idea 3 lenovo. The sound is very bad. Like there is a little echo on every track. On my old laptop everything sounded perfect. Why is this ?

  • Overfiend
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    The problem is due to excessive DPC/ISR and power management issues. I have Traktor running at 32 samples latency here with no glitches, on a laptop from 2011.

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