Looking for Native Access on the M1

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The current Native Access is INTEL which requires Rosetta 2 to be installed.

Where is the Native Access ARM or Universal version to download?


  • gabegarza1021
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    Native Access is an INTEL application, I'm looking for a Native application on the M1, either ARM or Universal.

    The INTEL is asking to install Rosetta 2 which I'm not going to do.

    It's okay, I was able to install it manually including all my Kontakt libraries without Native Access.

    I just wish the developers would also update any installer applications including the PKG files to Universal.

    FabFilter, Xln Audio, AAS to name a few have done that so they don't need Rosetta 2 to be installed.

  • EvilDragon
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    AFAIK NA is not a native app just yet, so for NI product activation and installation at least you will need to have Rosetta for the time being. Also this was posted in the wrong subforum, so moving the discussion to NA section.

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    You may install libraries without NA, but you still need NA to authorize them. They will run only in Demo mode without authorization.... No sound after time limit passes....

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Native Access is only compatible with Rosetta at the moment. To successfully install and authorize your libraries you will need to install Rosetta. Is there any particular reason you don't want to install Rosetta ? Native Access being an installing platform, it wouldn't affect the perfromance of your music software.

    As you might know, our teams are working on M1 native support, Kontakt 6.7 being the first application to get the ARM support, you can follow the development of M1 compatibility here: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014683497-Apple-Silicon-M1-Compatibility-News

  • gabegarza1021
    gabegarza1021 Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    I'm not installing Rosetta 2 on my M1, I only run native applications on the M1.

    If I want to run Intel apps, I have a Mac for that.

    Actually, there is a workaround to authorize Kontakt and my libraries on my M1. So they're not running in demo mode and Rosetta 2 isn't installed.

    I hope you're able to get Native Access as a Universal app soon.

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