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I tried to transfer a license from my friend's account to my own account but it always just returns I am using an incorrect transfer id format and I absolutely do not know how to fix this nor what the correct format would be.

Can someone explain me how a correct transfer id looks like or if this is a common issue with transferring?

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    Never had an issue transferring a license best to contact support after reading this post...All you need to know about License Transfer 📚 — Native Instruments Community (

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    Just to clarify.... Transfer ID is something different from Product ID.

    I have transferred SW many, many times and not a single problem.

    But, one may have problem if Update/Upgrade/Crossgrade is to be transferred and the person that tries to transfer it does not have Qualifying Product Licence..... In that case it is not possible to transfer, one must get Qualifying Product first.

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    I am waiting since 6 days for getting the Transfer ID and no answer from support NI. I don't know if they work, holiday or systems down. no idea ... just no answer and no contact

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