LED Mapping MPD218 - Pads stop lighting when I engage them


I have recently mapped an AKAI MPD218 to be my "Hot Cue" accessory. I have successfully mapped all pads and knobs to run the cues and the effects on all 4 decks - as I would like.

When loading a new track, the LEDs under each pad are lit to indicate if there is a hot cue associated with that pad... similar to the 1-4 cue buttons on the Z2, only these LEDs are only red, so I can't switch the color to indicate different types of Cues. All is OK though - I can work with that.

My problem is that when I activate the cue (by hitting the pad), the LED goes out and will remain out until I load a new track. There is obviously something I am missing in my mapping, but hours of tutorial videos and forum hunts later, I can't figure it out. You guys all seem to be pretty great at this stuff, so I thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance.


  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,469 Expert
    • set the midi range from 127 to 127, also you can try with a check in the box blend.
    • for the different hotcue types, you can add a modifier condition that specifies the type, then make one command line each for every different type (with a different output colour).
  • Olivesaxer
    Olivesaxer Member Posts: 2 Member

    Thanks - tried this with both blend checked and unchecked. It didn't solve the issue. I'm starting to think that there is something firmware related with the MPD218 that would cause the LED to go out.

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,469 Expert

    Did you try the midi range adjustment?

  • Mandiboy
    Mandiboy Member Posts: 8 Member

    Same issue here with LPD8, might be some AKAI related problem. Workaround is to map lights opposite way - no hotcue=light, hotcue present=dark.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,515 Expert

    For some reason, Traktor prefers 0 and 127 for button options.

    I'd check with MIDI Monitor app and see what velocity values are sent from your hardware.

    It could also be possible that you are assigning toggle switches (hardware modifier). Do you have the same issue with all buttons?

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