Maschine Studio VS Mikro comparisons

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I used to have a MaschineStudio. I spent an awful lot of time learning modes and methods basically a workflow that worked for me. I'm a little slow and it took me a long time. Just when I felt I had it and found myself in a creative mode it crashed and never came back.

I could only afford a Maschine mikro and its been frustrating because all my hard work is practically useless on it. Missing a lot of features I was used to. years later I still can't get into that creative groove I discovered. That MaschineStudio brought a lot of joy to me. This Maschine Mikro is depressing. Still I carry on.

Maschine finally has a backup for crashed projects is the only positive. I lost so much good stuff in the past.


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    It is possible to buy secondhand Maschine Studio. Or Maschine Mk3 is much closer to Studio than Mikro Mk3....

    I have the both Studio and Maschine MK3. I could not use Mikro as it would drive me crazy. For those that are used to Studio, it is not the way to go...

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    What happened with your Studio?

    A Mikro VS a Studio is a gigantic leap in functionality, especially if you have the Mikro-Mk3, it's really so far apart you can't even compare the two. From what I see, most people that own Mikros-mk3 either use it as a generic Pad player for their DAW or do minimal stuff in Maschine-SW... That tiny screen is a nightmare, it should come with a magnifying glass included.

    A used Mk3 goes for about 400$, if that's too much for you then get a used MK2, you can get those for like 100-200$ used which is cheaper or the same price as a brand new Mikro-MK3 and does sooooo much more.

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    I agree on picking up a used Mk3 - coming from the studio at first i felt like things were missing but eventually i realized it had basically everything the studio did..

    The only thing i still miss is shift-NUDGE-wheel to move notes a little bit

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    Because of what happened to my well taken care of MaschineStudio right after an update to the software I decided to never spend more of that amount of money with NI. That's how I ended up with the MIKRO. I appreciate the responses. I could probably fix it. I just don't think I should have to. I scrapped it so I'm not asking for anything. Just expressing myself. How do I delete this community account? I don't use it the way you intended.

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    An update broke it? Im so confused rn...

    I don't think users can delete accounts, you'd have to ask an admin. I'd just sign out personally.

    If you want I can delete this thread for ya.

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    What do you mind by “I don’t use in the way you (NI?) intended?”

    I’m curious as user.

    Thanks and hope you can fix your issue with that Mstudio

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