Can Reaktor or Kontakt run on an Ipad

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A friend uses an Ipad in his band. He says there are a lot of samples out there that are pretty good. It has no midi input but is usb compliant and has a latency of about 3ms. He also says the android things have an unusable latency, like 30ms but not on Mac's Ipad. Just a guess but there are no drivers to load which may have something to do with the low latency. They seem to support midi 2 and can also work wireless. Sounds good to me. Some of them even hold 128 gig of memory, probably the Ipad Pro. The times are changing for sure. Not sure if Ipad's can run daws like Logic yet but that would would be nice. This is all new to me but it would be a let down not to be able to use Native's stuff. It truly is amazing how small they are and what they can do with samplers. My friend has two keyboards and says he really doesn't even need their built in sounds anymore. I can see pulling off a sample player like kontakt but not sure if they have the processing power of a desktop and can run Reaktor. Anyone know?



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    In the far past there where Lemur files with some uploads to drive Reaktor via OSC.

    Twisted Tools offers some more Lemur to drive Reaktor with an Ipad control.

    But for this OS is IMHO no Reaktor to instal on an Ipad. Controllings only.

    Here is the same question by Chet

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    How are things Paule. Don't doubt someone else asked about this. They have apps that are sample players for them. The usb port is following some protocol that enables the I pad to handle midi 1 and midi 2. I have my doubts about the processing power though. For one thing, they are not large enough to accommodate large heat sinks necessary to dissipate that much heat. In other words, that ain't going to stop me from having fun. Have you been exercising lately. It's so important to at least walk 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week at out age. It help you feel a lot younger. Oh well, just sayin' hi.

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