using Mikro MK3 on different computers in MIDI mode

Ruben Byrd
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Hi there,

I'm sure I'll get bashed for this but for gods sake, I just can't figure it out!

I would like to use the Maschine Mikro MK3 in MIDI mode, without using the Maschine VST, for writing sessions in different studios where none of the PCs or software are mine.

I really just want to plug it in and use it to play drum samples within an ableton drum rack.

This sounds like the easiest thing but just I can't figure it out ... is there any way to do this?

Cheers! Sebastian


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  • Dhughley
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    Go into Ableton’s midi preferences choose Maschine Mikro as midi input. As an example on the Maschine Mk3 you would hold Shift and the Channel/Midi button to go into midi mode. I see this button isn’t on the Mikro. I’d check the manual or YouTube to find out how to put it in midi mode. Just remember none of the Maschine controllers work as a usb midi class compliant device.

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    Hey, it seems I might not have answered your question. It looks like you already know how to put the Maschine Mikro into midi mode. If you want to use it on other computers you’ll have to install the Maschine Contol Editor software to all computers you’re going to use it on. This will install the driver so it is recognized on the computer. Hope this helps.

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    Maschine Controllers need drivers, they are not MIDI class-compliant devices.

    This means if you want to use it in someone else's computer you need to install the software, unfortunately for you, there is no separate driver installer for the Mikro MK3, only for the Micro-MK2 and Micro-MK1...

    Even if there was a driver the MIDI mapping is stored locally on the computer, not on the device, so you also need Controller Editor installed to load your mappings. You can try installing Controller Editor, maybe it installs the MM3 drivers but I doubt it. Here:

  • Ruben Byrd
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    thanks guys, you two solved the problem.

    I wish you two a great day :)

    cheers and best from Germany ♥️


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