Massive X extremely slow to load

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Massive X is extremely slow to load in FL and Ableton Live. It makes me reach for the original Massive instead because the original's UI is so snappy. I'm on an M1 Max MBP with plenty of RAM and harddrive space. If anyone has any tips to get Massive X's loading sped up I'd be happy to try them.



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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @AliasNess Does FL Studio has full disk access ? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    You could also try resetting Massive X's database, as explained in this article: Some Presets are Missing in MASSIVE X

  • AliasNess
    AliasNess Member Posts: 4 Member

    I'll check these when I'm back home. It does eventually load with all my presets and banks, it's just slow to do so. It takes about 15 seconds or so to fully load the UI, which is too slow for everyday use IMO.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @AliasNess Any update? Is Massive X still super slow to load?

  • AliasNess
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    Hi Jeremy,

    I made a video for you to see the performance difference in Bitwig between the original Massive and Massive X. As you can see, I granted Bitwig and FL Studio full disk access. The load speed is BAD on the first load, but seems to get better on additional loads. It seems to me like UI takes a long time to render upon first load.

  • Titus
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    This has been happening to me too ever since I purchased the plug-in. Happens on macOS and Windows. No other NI plug-in does that.

  • chk071
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    How slow? Massive X and some other NI plugins take 2 or 3 seconds to load, but, not longer than that.

    Windows 11 here.

  • AliasNess
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    @chk071 I attached a video of the behavior in my comment on September 1st. There you can see me running on an M1 Ultra MacBook Pro with 32 gb of Ram and plenty of hard drive space. No other plugin takes this long to load, NI or otherwise.

    It seems like maybe this thread was dropped by NI support. This is a shame, because I love the original version of Massive and would like to get more aquatinted with Massive X. However, the performance issues I've faced make it virtually unusable in my workflow.

    Please let me know if there's any other information I can provide.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    Hey everyone, if you still have issues with slow loading Massive X, please get in touch with our support here:

  • pbthrash
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    Why we do need to contact support individually if lot of people have the same problem?

    I bet lot of people contact them already, but since it's Native Instruments, I highly doubt that anyone reply with anything else than generic answers and not even one programmer is trying to fix it. Massive X was slow, is slow and will be slow loading. When I need some sound, Massive X is my last plugin I want to click. Look at u-he plugins with their super fast GUI (and still it's good gui) and compare it to Massive X.

    People complain and it's not user's fault that Massive X is so slow, so forgive me if I don't like your "contact support" advice - from my long time experience I strongly believe that writing to support is pointless. What support (general) can do? Look at code? No, it's only general support. Contact programmer? No, because they're probably "too much VIP" to contact them only because customer complains. So the only advice users can get is to trying to look at their own computers and "magically" found a workaround that fix problems with code.

    It's the same about Massive X, Kontakt 7 etc.

    NI doesn't care enough to read this forum and keep in track what people complaing about? Their choice.

  • Sunborn
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    "Why we do need to contact support individually if lot of people have the same problem?"

    Simply, because everyone has a different system! So every user and every problem need a different approach. It is that simple.

    The rest of your comment is just ignorant nonsense, sorry. Personally, NI support helped me a lot (and fast) on 2 cases and many of their programmers are here and they answer to questions very often (and really, they have no obligation to do so!).

    You are a member here, for 3 full years, yet, you have visit the forum just 84 times, as anyone can see in your profile. You have made 22 comments and on 20 of them you are nagging and complain. So really, you are NOT in a position to judge what is going one here. Chill out!

    From experience I can tell you that too many of the "problems" I have read on the forum are because many users have no idea, neither about the basics of computer operation and music creation, neither even how to properly set up their computer. They just buy, buy and buy, without any idea of what they are buying and how to use it properly.

  • pbthrash
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    You don't know me, don't know my experience in compuers etc.

    I never say that there is a problem with software unless I check possibility that there is other reason to software works bad. I know few people with Komplete and on every computer I check, Massive X is slow (I mean GUI). And please notice that I don't even start this topic. So if many other people complain about plugin speed, then sure - it may be that all of them have buy (and buy, and buy) and have no idea how to use it. But it can be also that there is a problem with software itself.

    Since probably all of these people provide lot of informations, screenshot and videos, I'd like to see your proof - some video of perfecly configured OS where Massive X opens as fast as, for example, Diva or PhasePlant.

    And sure, I complain. What would be the other reason to visit NI forum? To say "hey, NI, great job, everything works fine"? Do you expect praise for working software? It suppose work that way! After all it's not some freeware software that is made for fun and author should only gets positive feedback for effort.

  • pbthrash
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    PS. As other user show on some screenshot (other topc) - NI rank on TrustPilot is very bad. For sure over 200 negative comments are not mine, believe me.

  • pbthrash
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    Today I must say that I am kind of positively surprised by NI support.

    It was helpful. I get what I wanted and finally discovered something that may stop whole discussion about Massive X (or start new one, this time without the need for testing users computers).

    Apparently problem is with Massive X and with users - it depends on how people feel about plugin that opens 10 seconds. As I see, it's not a bug or someone computer that is slow or have problems. Everyone who investigate their PCs for finding a fix or a solution, may stop doing it right now.

    I get not only answer, but also a video I am asked for. And it shows that Massive X also opens about 10 seconds on NI support computer, which is apparently "acceptable" time to opening plugin.

    So - problem is that for some people 10 seconds is slow, for others - is fine.

    I think now we can discuss about it - without sending lot of logs etc. Do you think 10 seconds for opening Massive X is acceptable or is slow? I'm really curious.

  • abnegative
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    In my opinion, Massive X is the greatest software synth that has ever existed, so it irritates me that it loads slowly. It's not unbearable but it's definitely noticeable.

    Sidenote: FM8 is also a ridiculously good synth and desperately needs to be modernized. If modernization is too much, then it needs to be reimagined, like Massive -> Massive X.

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