duplicate audio stream from traktor.

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Hello everyone. I use Traktor together with an S3. Can I send the audio signal from Traktor to the S3 and at the same time to another application that manages my lights in DMX? Thanks for your help in advance.


  • c0nsul
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    First of all, I don´t know anything about routing sound to DMX software. Secondly, I use a Mac and don't know how Win handles audio streams. So, my thoughts are shots in the dark and maybe someone with more knowledge will correct me:

    Out of the box, this won't work internally. As Traktor is only capable of one audio interface, you would need to use the S3´s booth out and route the signal back into your computer´s sound interface by wire. This will have latency.

    On Mac, you can make an "aggregated device" that combines different sound cards and/or routing software to one virtual audio interface that can be used in Traktor. Maybe, this allows you to duplicate the audio stream or to route the audio (coming from Traktor) to DMX software first and then to the S3´s output.

    As I said, pure shots in the dark. Maybe ask in lightning forums. Some audio routing softwares are black hole, VoiceMeeter, Jack, IshowU AudioCapture, Soundflower, Loopback and GroundControl.

  • Stevan
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    Asio 4 All is equivalent Windows solution for making aggregate devices but Traktor is not great at managing it.

    What DMX app do you use?

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    (As already suggested by c0nsul) Maybe this is a job for VOICEMEETER BANANA ? :  https://vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm

    Please notice all the help down the page and the user guides : https://voicemeeter.com/user-guides/

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    at the moment I have sagitter LED bars, I haven't yet chosen which software to use, I'm inquiring with you to find out if this is possible to obtain before purchasing software.

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