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  • Jiglo
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    Long press of the power button to initiate a reboot. Great for when it stalls, although I use mine a LOT and it's a very rare thing for me when it stalls and I have about 140 ish Projects on the go, some pushing max cpu.

    I can understand that it would be nice have a fresh unit when purchasing a device, but I can also understand that it would be nice to buy a Maschine with lots of goodies if purchasing from somebody who makes great music.

    Maybe 2 SD cards would get around that? The card shipped with it and the upgrade card we all buy to replace it with, because of the questionable card it ships with.

    It's not something i've looked into though. I don't know if it has much flash memory and stores a lot of settings on it, or if it just takes everything from the card?

  • Jiglo
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    Also, I do understand a Factory Reset is the defacto process when selling gear, or initiating used gear with profiles on there that we don't want, but it doesn't have to be factory reset for a new user and you certainly wouldn't initiate it if it weren't necessary.

    Is it something people have done with their own units then and if so, was it the only way to continue working with it? That should pretty much determine if it's something that NEEDS to be done, rather than something that should be done in an ideal world with everything as it currently is

  • Jiglo
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    I've got a load of gear from the 80's. Rack gear, samplers, effects boxes, keyboards etc. That stuff does tend to break from time to time and sometimes it can't be fixed, like the QuickDisk in one of my samplers for example and bad keys, but it doesn't bother me. Sometimes things break, but mostly it doesn't and we don't know how lucky we are today with gear that we have done nearly anything to get our hands on just 10 years ago, let alone 30.

    If we are worried about electronic things breaking, we'd probably be worrying about a lot of things that might not happen. This is my hobby, I enjoy it. Mountain biking is another hobby and things on my bike break all the time and it's really expensive usually when things break on my bikes, but most music making devices these days are fairly reliable, even if they have a few bugs, they keep on working.

    This is a golden age of affordable gear, but the better things get, the more problems people seem to find. So I dread to think what it must be like for a developer, knowing that despite improving technology, they're going to get more and more abuse as people find they're less happy with having more.

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    @Jiglo wrote:

    It's not something i've looked into though. I don't know if it has much flash memory and stores a lot of settings on it

    All settings are stored on the internal flash, including the favorites databes and registration for any installed Instrument, Effect, Library or Expansion.

    Any additional content stored on the SD card is useless after resetting the unit. Also, you can’t even start to use it, as you may remember from receiving your new M+.

    Is it something people have done with their own units then and if so, was it the only way to continue working with it?

    Yes. And it is often the first thing the support team asks you to do if your unit does not behave as expected.

    One of the most trivial and frequent things that can happen is the favorites database getting corrupted. Which will lead to all sorts of problems in the Browser. And since that database is located on the internal flash memory, the only way to fix it is to reset the device.

    Also, AFAIK, selling your unit with libraries included is a copyright infringement towards the creators of those libraries, which in many cases is not NI.

  • Jiglo
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    Good to know as i'm kind of an 'if it works guy', rather than a technical guru that looks into why it works.

    Maybe i'm fortunate that things have been running smoothly for me, but, from new, I swapped out the sd card, downloaded the reboot code thingy and followed the instructions and it's been mostly plane sailing. I do find bugs and have occasional issues, but I look at the big picture. I own a lot of grooveboxes, which I still pull out from time to time to keep myself in the loop and mix things up, but in terms of quality of output, speed and the fun factor using this, I have no complaints. I've been using mine for around 90% of all my music making since I bought one 12-13 months ago and don't think i'll sell my 1 remaining M+ as it feels like a future classic that has mostly been slept on because of all the negativity that came from rushing it into the stores before it was ready.

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    Very cool but how much did the TARDIS cost to get it with? :)

  • Percivale
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    I like the way you think and for the sake of discussion, what NI could not implement on MK3 from points mentioned below. Bigger cohesive screen okay, a purple ring around the 4D knob is at best a visual aid, GUI (which we all had been asking for) can still be implemented through knobs, slider, button combo thereof since you also said no touch screen. Audio meters (presumed as VU meter) is already shown under Mixer or if you plug in a Maschine Jam, you can detect clipping scenarios. 16 MPE pads and its usefulness will depend very much on which side of the camp you asked. The only thing I wanted most and would see it as a progressive move would be a 16-buttons Elektron style at bottom of device for quick step(s)-based parameter changes. Think Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 or Roland MV-1.

    b_en said:

    If I take those things together, here's what I think the Maschine MK4 will bring:

    • the new look & feel of the Kontrol S MK3 – new buttons, ring LED for the 4D encoder, new logo ;-)
    • the bigger screen
    • plugin GUIs on that new screen, be it synthesizers or audio meters
    • 16 MPE pads (having doubts on that though, because that seems a little "Pushy")

  • tempsperdu
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    In my opinion, the focus of the Maschine hardware is immediacy. No menu diving. No need to take your eyes off of that thing to look at your computer screen.

    This initially, and till recently, was the main plus point of Maschine. Unfortunately, with the clunkiness of the clip integration, not to mention the complete screw-up to duplication, means that the current versions are massively slower than previous. This is a step backwards that never should have happened and really needs sorting out, and the whole user experience needs a good dose of steroids.

    There is a huge need for the software to finally be brought 'up to date' and consolidated. The GUI needs to be far more versatile and flexible. Readability needs to be restored. Automation needs to exist in an editable form and not just in name only. There's little excuse to many for PDC not to be present. User chord libraries need to be feasible, like most other things, they've been begged for more than long enough.

    It might even be pertinent here for users to reiterate the areas they find lacking or problematic here.

  • jkq2010
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    Exactly. All I want is tempo and time signature automation and a song mode like was promised all those years ago! Imagine if that update happened, ah well. If we're lucky, a sampler/audio module in one using Kontakt's time machine for real time stretching for example. I look forward to the Maschine AMA with baited breath.

  • djadidai
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    I love my M+! Got nothing more to add really. It makes music-making a pure joy!

  • Murat Kayi
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    People keep mentioning a Maschine AMA...has this been announced or something?

  • tempsperdu
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    In the thread "Ask Me Anything: Kontrol S-Series MK3" in response to some criticisms of Maschine, Matthew_NI says there should be a Maschine AMA, in Q4 I think.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Well…to be accurate…he said he will TRY to accommodate an AMA for Maschine MAYBE for the Q4. And IF they’ll have news to share. Last sentence that, having to deal with NI, makes me a little cautious.

    In any case, he has been quite accurate to say things in a way that won’t GRANT anything.

    Therefore…yes, maybe we will have an AMA…but don’t give it for granted. Even because if we will complain later if they will not do it, we will go back to NI not saying anything because if it will not be realized then we will be mad at them

  • LostInFoundation
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    One case to show the “potentiality”: would you be happy if you buy a used Maschine+ from a user who owns only 2 expansions and you are forced to keep it under his account? While you own Komplete Collectors with all the expansions….which you can’t install cause you can’t put your account?

    This and, as someone already said, the fact that if you are forced to keep the M+ with someone else’s account de facto you could possibly be using products that you didn’t buy (expansions), making the situation on the razor’s edge of illegality

    Let’s be honest: companies ARE finding ways to keep us dependent from them. Which is not NECESSARY: things worked well till now: you bought a software and you could install it. Dot. No need to be dependent from any company or for them to keep your hand during installations. You could even uninstall it and reinstall it 6 years after, if you had a computer which still complains the specs. Without the need to check if they still allow you to install it or not. An EOL product was in fact just a program who will remain forever as it is, not a product that, if they decide to remove the installation files from their site and its online activation, you won’t be able to install and use it anymore. Damn… you could even sell it without needing them to authorize you…

    And if someone wants to reply that they need to do it for piracy… since the coming of Native Access, every single new release NI made (new products or updates) has been cracked and released by pirates the day after. Even worst: NI is the ONLY company I ever seen cracked BEFORE the official release…you could have some expansions from pirates before NI even released them…

    Probably the anti piracy system they put in place is not working? Or…simply…it is not really made to fight piracy? 😏

    That said…if someone is ok with all of this….no problem.

    But…let’s face it: companies ARE finding ways to keep us dependent from them. We wanting to admit it or not

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