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    Maybe his should be a separate as sustainability and therefore durability are ‘hot’ topics these days. And yes, a company has to take that into account… or even better, act primarily form key corporate values that are related to this.

    I think Ableton does more or less with its new Push 3 controller line, it’s designed to be upgraded and therefore hasn’t to be replaced. The new controllers also positioned above / in addition to version 2.

    Same goes for Elektron, as the software-part of their devices makes them really stand-alone and doesn’t need to support all kind of eye-candy. It’s more or less like the old school hardware devices; yes they use software to operate, but without the need to integrate with an online activation system or an online hub to update / upgrade the software. Updates handled by a separate process, in their case with a separate piece of software. Same goes for syncing patches and sounds. Also audio over USB is handled class compliant or as separate channels via Overbridge software. All this extra features don’t render the hardware obsolete with an upgrade of macOS, Windows or the release of a new version of the hardware.

    With Maschine (Plus) you’re very dependent of NI and their effort to support the hardware. It even relies on their servers to be up and running to (re)activate the hardware.

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    Murat Kayi

    Where can I read up on a company's fair trade statement, their ethical standards when it comes to resources and human labour used in components? When does hardware come with a statement of targeted or expected lifecycle times?

    Don't be silly, everybody knows that only by focusing on profit and profit only can we save ourselves and the planet from extinction. 🤣

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    I’ve had the same push 3 for 20 years , it’s had 4 new cases , 6 new pad membranes, 2 new motherboards , and 5 new batteries

  • Murat Kayi
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    That is awesome!

    Where did you have it repaired for maintenance? Or did you open it yourself?

  • Ikatxu
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    I don't see 64 pads likely for the same reason that none of the NI keyboards have drum pads on them: It would reduce the need to buy both.

    That being said I think the charm of Maschine is exactly that it is a 16 pad groove box, even if I use Ableton Push way more than I use Maschine. I don't see any reason for NI to emulate Ableton, when I can just use Ableton instead. It's not like the version of Maschine is going to come with a DAW that would be serious competition to Ableton, Logic or FL Studio anyway.

  • Drifter
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    There is less of a need for 64 pads once you have MPE.

    Also I would like to see NI take lessons from Ableton and make their hardware upgradable

  • OhulahanBass
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    Am I missing something? I haven’t had to connect my M+ to the wifi since the last update unless I’m trying to use Ableton Link. Why are so many people complaining about dependence on NI servers?

  • myalteredsoul
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    I think the worry comes in, in the future. If NI ceases to exist and you reset your device, it’ll be a brick. I’m sure a third party will step in well before then, tho.

  • Jiglo
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    If NI ceased to exist, and you wanted to sell your M+, you would sell it as is. You wouldn't initiate an auto destruct sequence, so the fact it doesn't need the internet to function, or NI's servers, it's probably a moot point.

    Also, I read somebody post that the M+ is less of a Maschine than a MK3. It isn't less of a Maschine than a MK3, it's a MK3, that can still do a load of great things when it's untethered and standalone in a nicer (imo) shell.

    It's like a best of both worlds. I never connect mine to the computer, ever, but it's great that I can and have the MK3 experience too, if I want that. It's close to being my perfect groovebox workstation powerhouse.

  • Rico010
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    I agree with this. A month ago I was thinking about moving to another platform. After a small comparison I decided to stay with M+ exactly for the same reasons outlined in your response.

  • MaikR
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    Your first point isn’t correct: in case of a factory reset (sometimes due problems) you get a fresh start and need to register / activate the Maschine with your account, too.

    For the rest I fully agree… except for the bugs, most of which occur when you would use the M+ with other gear and/or equipment.

  • Jiglo
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    I've performed a reboot maybe 4 or 5 times when it's stalled loading a project, usually.

    I've never needed to do a factory reset though.

  • MaikR
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    What do you mean by a reboot… turn it off and on again? Because yeah, than it’s still you as the same user with the same installation.

    But, as it’s basically a computer it’s sometimes helpful or even required to have a fresh start. In that case (even NI support) suggests a full reset.

    And, then again, this isn’t my biggest concern… but it shouldn’t be that way. Especially when a device receives such little attention from the company.

    If they consider it EOL then at least fix the biggest bugs, require login only for downloading libraries (and their updates), let the users make their own clone / backup of the device for later restore, and shake hands and say goodbye.

    Because just like you I consider it a great and valuable standalone sampling workstation.

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