What's everyone's workflow with Maschine?

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What's everyone's current workflow with Maschine in 2023? I'm just getting back into using it, and have been exploring other workflow's the past year or so.



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    Came over to Maschine from Ableton in 2018. I now compose exclusively in Maschine+ standalone. I have a PC that is capable of being a workstation but I started working remotely and so I needed to change things up instead of staring at a computer screen all day so I went with the M+ so I can produce anywhere.

    I am in the process of setting up an extra room in my house to be a full blown studio and I will probably go back to producing in the Maschine software instead of just standalone once that is done. I have a massive sample collection and wide assortment of hardware synthesizers so finding source material to use with the M+ is never a problem.

    Once I finish a song in the M+, I copy the projects over to the PC and do my final mixing/mastering using plugins since Maschine’s built in audio analysis tools are basically nonexistent.

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what tools you use, all that matters is that you’re making something. Always try to get something done no matter how small and remember to have fun.

    I can give more details if you have specific questions.

  • Sparaoh
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    I use it mostly as a plugin in Reaper and as an acoustic drum module for my E-drums in standalone.

    Often I'll build up some patterns and scenes inside Maschine and then perform a little sketch version while recording MIDI in Reaper for easier editing. For the first part it's better to be in standalone because you have both transport control and erase functions and don't need to look at the computer screen much.

    When a project really gets going, working inside Maschine becomes a hassle but for getting some ideas, changes and grooves working together it's faster doing it all on the controller. As soon as I have to start using a mouse I like to be in my DAW and not Maschine because editing is tedious and clunky there by comparison; probably because I have the Mikro version.

  • djadidai
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    I compose most of my tracks in M+. When I feel I have a few variations and the main idea down I export wav stems of every element in M+, and I arrange, eq, mix, automate and master in Logic Pro

  • omariwalker
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    I work totally out of Maschine on the computer. Sometimes I use Maschine to auto-sample some sounds from my MODX6. I mainly use the controller and a S88 keyboard to get hands-on with the project, only using the mouse and keyboard for labeling tracks. When I'm finished with a track I'll add Ozone to the master and do some basic mastering as I'm still learning that part.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    Load into DAW, select drumkit 🤣

  • Itchygash
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    Maschine + jam /maschine master Roland Tr8s slave, when starting maschine Tr8s begins, s4 mk3 for samples and scratching over whatever made in maschine....kaoss pad kp3 added some effects....iPad running stallea (i think it's called) for visuals...just can't seem to keep everything in time but it's alot of fun.

  • Seqsual
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    Here is what I do these days:

    • load some atmospheric patch (massive x/fm8/absynth...) on first pad group A, 
    • go to B group, sampling, detect, something low like +40dB, source internal/group A, start
    • back to group A, keyboard mode, scale minor penta or harmonic minor, root couple of semis up or down
    • play some notes for a while
    • back to group B, stop sampling, hit plugin (goes automatically to sampler with recorded sample loaded), set envelope to one shot
    • duplicate the pad till the end of the line (3x)
    • select last one, set reverse on, pitch 12 semi down
    • select third one, set reverse
    • select second, tune 12 semitones down
    • hit the 4 pads more or less randomly 
    • back to group A, pick another weird patch, when sounds fine with the first one jump to group B select pad 5, sampling… start… back to group A, play something… group B, stop sampling, hit plugin, duplicate 3x, reverse, detune octave or two down… hit pads 1-8 randomly…. another patch on group A… mix, add efx… maybe same way with some percussion, note repeat or chords/arp… etc etc… 

  • tetsuneko
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    I make beats on my Maschine+ standalone without thinking much about what I'll do with em. Just messing around, living in the moment, having fun..

    After a while, I will audition my older beats (I can only know which ones are good and which ones suck after I forget making them, this usually takes at least 6 months), and I copy the "promising" beats to my desktop Maschine environment.

    After I have verified the project opens correctly with all sounds intact on the desktop (not always a given hehehe!), I proceed to open the DAW and load Maschine VST into the session. Then I realtime record the arrangement in, by performing it via MIDI pattern & scene changes to a DAW MIDI track (these pattern & scene changes can then be edited later if desired). I'd do this on the Maschine+ standalone if it was possible, but sadly it isn't, hence this workaround.

    Once I am happy with the arrangement, I will create audio intputs in the DAW for the main buses I want to stem out for mixing, then just rewind transport back to beginning and multitrack record from the Maschine VST internally (internal VST recording eliminates any unnecessary AD/DA conversions). Lastly, I export these multitracks into a fresh new mixing session, and mix & master from there. A bit more convoluted than I'd like, but still doable and retains some of the live arrangement/jam energy, which is the most important thing!

  • Paul Opp
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    I have made a few templates for quick ideas. Load a kit/sound on say 4-6 groups. My favorite patches.

    1 group=drum kit, 2 group=keys, 3group=bass,4group lead.

    Another approach is record sample and chop it to a new group. Make a few patterns of chops.

    Add drums and bass/keys/leads/risers/fxs/

    **There are no rules. watch youtube vids for some great examples. Watch the native instruments channel and learn each lesson

  • djadidai
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    This was freakin dope! Very similar to how I use maschine!!

    LXNDR_BE Member Posts: 73 Helper

    Yes, I also tried to arrange in a different DAW, but my brain can not handle the timeline thingy.

    I come from Sequencers like Midibox Seq4 or Korg Electribe, so the arrangement with Patterns and Scenes like in Maschine fits into my brain.

    Masteringwise I have my own Masteringchain in Reaper and use the groupstems from Maschine Arrangement

  • djadidai
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    I like the pattern/scenes too, however when I export to logic I export the whole loop, say I have 16 bars of a full body track, I export all sounds separately to wave into Logic and there I start my arranging, I love my timeline when finishing up a track, so it could be maybe 10-16 drum/perc sounds, 2-6 bass sounds, several internally sampled synth leads and pads and stuff…uplifters and downlifters and all… in my latest project I had like… 48 channels in Logic all coming from M+, add to that an ashlight arpeggiated something, and another alchemy thingy and suddenly you start to get lost hahaha

    LXNDR_BE Member Posts: 73 Helper

    Awesome workflow too. And best => exporting from Maschine is Drag&Drop 🤩 well, mostly 😉

  • filip pietrzykowski
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    wouldn't be nice to multi track it in real time?

    without all the hassle of bouncing one by one by hand?

    I wrote an extensive thread on old NI forum which now is gone completely...:/

    You can do it on your computer (as long you have a Win OS), or even easier way - using separate computer/audio interface.

    There is an app Asio Link Pro (freeware btw) which allows you to patch in and out all audio.

    You open separately DAW and route each and every one audio track into.

    I can direct you to youtube video with step by step explanation.

    You save a lot of time this way. I use it for recording live performances.

    Easier to mix it later on.

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