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  • Trevor Meier
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    Ohhhhh this would be a dream for me. I’ve just spent a week programming a TouchOSC template to have touch control over Metaphysical Function in Reaktor.

    For me the iPad + NI would be a dream:

    • Directly connect a Maschine Mk3 to an iPad Pro. No Mac required, plus the awesomeness of AUM and third party effects like Koala Sampler
    • Touch-based patching for Reaktor blocks
    • Touch control for Reaktor ensembles and Kontakt instruments

    This is more or less how I use the iPad now. It’s a live performance FX processor and touch-based controller for my NI instruments. The iPad Pro has plenty of CPU performance. Storage and RAM are more limited, but not any more so than Maschine+.

    Right now, though, it’s a huge PITA to work this way. The Maschine mk3 isn’t class compliant and the Maschine software isn’t (yet) available on iPad, so I have to use a janky combination of external audio interfaces, custom TouchOSC panels and aggregate audio devices wired via my MacBook Pro to make it all work. It’s fragile and a ton of work to set up. If NI went native on the iPad (which is at least somewhat simplified by the AS transition) I would be in performance and production heaven!

  • Kubrak
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    Porting Reaktor to AS will probably be the hardest nut to crack for NI. Following Massive X and maybe some plugins that may use third party libraries....

  • nightjar
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    I recently saw an iPad app that uses the on-device ML to convert Braille into text by taking a picture.

    Made me think how the on-device ML could be used with camera to convert sheet music into MIDI for those situations

  • Kubrak
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    You do not need ML to convert Braille into text. The same with sheet music to MIDI. But it would be more complex than Braille.

    The both would be doable even on PCs of three decades back. CPU had 275 000 transistors and run at 33 MHz. And 32 MB of RAM was very much.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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  • nightjar
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I was not aware of the Trope app.

    It looks like a bit of fun to shape some ambient background.

    What I'm envisioning though would offer a lot more informed intention to assist in sound design.

    Graphics displays of a sounds spectrum, dynamics, time domain behavior would all be real-time interactive with a "painting approaching" to creating a patch... as opposed to twisting virtual knobs and sliders. Colorized areas would reveal sonic characteristics that you could select and and manipulate.

  • Vituz
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    For me Kontakt on iOS would be awesome. As a live gig performer with a midi bagpipe setup I am forced to use my macbook or iMac. The connections on these are not pro connections and dont stand the rough use on stage and on the road. With an iPad I can use docking stations that gives me true XLR and large jack plugs. Wow. I can trust those. Small formfactor and far better connectivity would be nice. Cheers.

  • nightjar
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