Is there a way to get the preset attributes browser in GR6 similar to GR5 ?

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As in question, GR5 preset browser was far more intuitive in terms of categories and sub-divisions.

Could the same be activated in GR6 OR is it a complete re-hash in GR6 ?

For example, we even had a "Products" attribute where the presets were categorized based on which package they were related to, like Factory, Rammfire, Traktor's 12, etc.

Can't find the same in GR6 Pro. The presets from GR5 do seem to be present in GR6 (just checked by searching for a few by name of preset), but they are not organized and categorized in the same way.

Am I missing some setting ?


  • Uwe303
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    you can do that in GR6 too, in my opinion even better:

  • ramscapri
    ramscapri Member Posts: 10 Member

    Thanks for your reply but I am aware of this attributes search list in GR6.

    What I meant was that this is not similar to what was there in GR5 which I attached as screenshot in my first post.

    You could say it is better in GR6 but that depends. For instance, there is no way to search for presets based on the product from where they come. Then there is no differentiation between presets that same with earlier versions like say GR4, GR5 and then the new ones that came with GR6. And so on...

    These search attributes were helpful in earlier versions up to GR5 and have been taken off completely in GR6. They should have been retained. Somehow the search structure on the UI also seemed much better in GR5. It's good to have improved changes but aspects that are good in older versions need to be retained.

  • Uwe303
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    Yeah true it's not ideal, and gr6 also has some other issues, for example with midi controller integration. Hopefully native will fix all this.

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