Traktor 3.9 - Choppy Waveform

Oxy Member Posts: 88 Helper

Using Traktor on my laptop with an 144hz screen, the waveform used to be buttery smooth, but now, with 3.9 it's quite choppy.

i7 10th gen, 32gb DDR4, 2gb NVMe.

Also, why did the Traktor icon change into the NI logo that is barely readable? It's quite ugly.


  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,554 admin

    Hi @Oxy there's a known issue issue with a flashing display rn. Can you please report this directly to our support team? We're collecting reports over there while the team is working on a fix.

    As for the logo, our software logo has been switched to a new style to match our new brand identity...

  • Oxy
    Oxy Member Posts: 88 Helper

    The display (library) is flashing, aware of that bug. The waveform is not moving smooth, it stutters a little bit on a secondary screen. This behavior is new to 3.9. This is a 144Hz screen connected through a thunderbolt3 docking station. Again, this is new to 3.9. When the laptop is the sole screen, it's silky smooth again. This setup has been working fine at home for a few years since I got this laptop in 2020. It also has an RTX2070 as graphics card.

    It's a minor issue but a little annoying non the less. Traktor and the s4 all work and respond great.

    Filled in the support system with your link.

  • DrCain
    DrCain Member Posts: 1 Member

    Same issue here, 120hz screen, RTX3090 GPU, Windows 11, Traktor 3.9.

    There's also stuttering on the waveform on the Traktor Kontrol S8.

    Maybe related to the new QT upgrade?

    The same setup is smooth when running Traktor 3.9 on my 2016 Macbook Pro.

  • Demus
    Demus Member Posts: 152 Pro

    For me anything over 1080p causes screen tear or choppy waveform on random deck on my 4k laptop or 4k monitor.

  • Oxy
    Oxy Member Posts: 88 Helper

    Just installed the latest Windows 10 update, fired up Traktor, and behold, the waveform moves silky smooth again. Will test a little further, then update the ticket.

  • jamiefell
    jamiefell Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    hi, i had malware on my mac and i reinstalled the os , i too have choppy waveforms and im noticing that beatgriding is much more difficult. all in all , its like the performance is down a fair bit. i noticed a reducution in sound quality also, im just wondering what to do..i have good headphones which i use rather than speakers or that..

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