Absynth & FM8 & Cubase not showing up in Cubase

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Hi there, hope this is the right place. I just bought the Komplete Classics Collection, mostly for Absynth, but the other 3 look good too… Anyway, Absynth & FM8 don’t show up in Cubase at all. The stand-alones work fine. It’s a brand new Windows 10 computer with the latest Cubase 11. I saw something in Googleland about getting older versions, but that seems odd kinda. Any thoughts? Thanks!



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    Check this thread, it's a good starting point to understand how to solve missing plug-ins: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/36/tips-i-cant-find-my-plug-ins-in-my-daw

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    Thanks! I’ll give that stuff a try. It’s just a little weird because 2 of them work as expected and 2 don’t, and the dll files appeared to be in the same place. Won’t be at the studio until tomorrow…

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    Ok… has anyone ever had this happen? I figured out the missing plug in problem. Pointed cubase to the right place and all was well, but then it disappeared again. The standalone version kept working, but I couldn’t find the directory. It didn’t show up in cubase. The dll files appear to be gone. The path i put in the cubase plug manager was gone. The NI folders were all there, but empty of data. It just seems to have uninstalled itself. I’ve reinstalled it, but… umm… what happened? Is this a known thing?

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    @Jeremy_NI Have you heard of this issue before? Wonder if it has to do with the Komplete Classics Collection from Pluginboutique. 🤔

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    Having the same problem with FM8 and Cubase11. Kontact player works but no sight of FM8. The FM8 standalone does not load... Yes, Plugin Boituque.....

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    I have had the same problem on my MAC. It started when I updated Absynth, Massive and FM8. They were all black listed in Cubase and also crashed Cubase upon start. Removing the pluggs made Cubase stable. All my Native Instrument pluggs are bought through Native themselves so there is no Plugin Boutique on my computer. Still they dissappeared in Cubase, but.... they appeared in Logic. so it is a problem between Native and Cubase. Fortunately I had back ups and rolled back to a previous version of the mentioned pluggs. That worked. So now I have older versions for Cubase and the newest for Logic. It is a kind of hopeless situation to remember for later updates. If those 3 pluggs were the only ones to remember, but among several hundreds, the probability for errors increases. Since the problem started with Native Access update I would say that the problem is on the Native Instument side. everuything else seems to work in Cubase.

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    At first if an instrument is new on your computer: you have to start every standalone versions before you can use them as VSTi.

    In the standalone mode you've to set audio and midi routings. Othervise the instrument runs into a maze.

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