Kontakt 7 crashes (Latest as of 12/5/2022)



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    The cause of the crash when opening the Files menu was amount of Quick-Load entries. If you have a lot of entries in your Quick-Load, this would overload the menu generator and Kontakt would crash. This was fixed in 7.1.3 by removing the Quick-Load submenus from the Files menu.

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    Kontakt 7 version 7.15 crashing when trying to load or preview an instrument. Just started happening suddenly on the previous version three days ago, I closed it and there was an update (to 7.15) which I would think would have fixed it. It did not. I cannot do anything with it.

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    Thank you ... and that does indeed relate to exactly what I saw. And when this was happening I was creating a very large set of quick load entries with all my free player and retail Kontakt instruments. Boom ... marked as the solution. 😀

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    Thanks for bringing this up. I'm definitely having these crashes. I've deleted my database and the usual steps, and it still crashes disruptively.

    The repro is the same as @maki — very simple to do. It will almost always crash when I do the following:

    1. Add Kontakt to a new track.
    2. Use the browser and load an instrument.
    3. Duplicate the track.
    4. If it doesn't crash the first time, trying to duplicate the track again and again will eventually crash it.

    I have crash logs that repeatedly seem to note the Kontakt file browser is the culprit. I wonder if it has something to do with the "Incompatible Files" error that appears upon scanning content. I'm unclear on how to solve this, and if in fact it's references or something that has to do with the incompatible files that's causing these crashes, I wish Kontakt could just ignore them entirely.

    Is anyone else having these Kontakt crashes in Live?

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    @TORLEY What is your operating system and what version of Kontakt & Ableton are you using? Can you post a screenshot of the "Incompatible Files" error?

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    • macOS Ventura 13.3
    • Kontakt 7.3.2 (just updated, still crashes)
    • Ableton Live 11.3 (also newest Beta)

    Here's the error, weird because they're just various Kontakt library folders with instrument files inside, and sometimes PDF manuals. I already did a batch re-save on a lot of them. Wish it could identify WHICH files are incompatible, would reduce the guesswork.

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    @TORLEY I contacted you by email regarding this issue, we'll need to have a deeper look in your system.

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    @maki If you're still around, can you please get in touch with NI Support about this? Or @Jeremy_NI can you reach out to them too?

    That goes for anyone else having the "duplicate Kontakt crashes" issue. I believe we're having the same problem but they need more info because Jeremy and Manuel haven't been able to repro it yet. I've continued to send in crash logs.

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    @maki If you're still around, can you please reach out to NI Support about this? Or @Jeremy_NI can you get in touch? That goes for anyone else having a similar issue.

    I believe we're having the same Kontakt duplicate crash issue in Ableton. It's elusive so far and Jeremy and Manuel haven't yet been able to repro it, but I continue to send in crash logs, diagnostics, etc.

    I wonder if the database (a fairly large one with incompatible files) has something to do with it too, given what I noted earlier in this thread.

    To summarize for anyone who searches and finds this later, if this crash is still unfixed:

    • This crash-on-duplicate is not specific to any library/instrument. Loading anything I've tried and duplicating instances enough times will repro it. Happens with the newest Irish Harp, but also much older libraries too.
    • Does not always happen on the first time, but like @maki said, the odds are eventually it will crash hard. It reliably happens after several duplication attempts.
    • Sometimes (but usually does not) repro for me if I add a NEW Kontakt instance without duplicating and load the instrument that way. Although YES, I have seen it crash on adding Kontakt 7 into a new MIDI track like Maki... it's rarer. Anyway, this is a slow workaround, since I often want to duplicate instances with a given setup or load more patches from within an instrument, so this is a kludgy workaround.
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    Hi there! thanks for the message, I returned to see if there are any new solutions since I am still experiencing the issue.

    What I was able to arrive at is that above certain number of Kontakt instances, almost any action that includes Kontakt causes crash. this means:

    • I have around 20 loaded Kontakt instruments. The following causes crash in 99% cases:
    • duplicating Kontakt instance, adding new kontakt instance, deleting kontakt instance, clicking on kontakt instance to open the instance window.
    • I usually have around 200-300 lines with different instruments or audio. No other vst or audio causes this issue, I have no problem with other vst whatsoever, only with the kontakt.
    • the only one workaround is if I just freeze tracks with kontakt / delete groups with Kontakt (alas, I cannot - usually - delete one track with Kontakt as it also causes crash)
    • I might actually be able to isolate the problem if it would be in some log files, because if the decribed situation happens, and I recover the ableton instance, it happens again, again.. again.. whith the ONLY thing I do in the recovered instance is I click on the track with Kontakt and then try to open Kontakt (until I am lucky enough that deletion of some tracks with Kontakt does not cause anotehr crash:) )
    • If I am below that certain threshhold - say 20 instances -, everything works smoothly without issue. EDIT - I now counted the number of instances to be probably 12 in a project file that predictably crashes.
    • I have quite an high end PC but will now upgrade to a "current high end" so I am interested whether the issue will persist even with 5k$ PC
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    Also forgot to include - and second - these, which also, in the situation I described, cause crashes:

    1. Add Kontakt to a new track.
    2. Use the browser and load an instrument to a track with Kontakt

    And I have

    • Windows 10 Pro (build 19045.3086)
    • Kontakt 7.3.2
    • Ableton Live 11.3.3

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    @maki Thank you for the details! @Jeremy_NI Please note above ^ while I'm on a Mac, I've been able to crash using the same repros.

    After a lot of tussle with this, I'm not currently crashing 🤞 but this is what I had to do:

    • Remove all custom/3rd-party library folders from the database.
    • Then, REMOVE these folders and rebuild contents, presumably you can look for PC equivalents:
    • 1. Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Kontakt 7
    • 2. Macintosh HD > Users >*Your User Name*> Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Kontakt
    • Restarted Kontakt and rescanned anew. Re-added 3rd-party library folders in groups, still no crashes.

    I haven't crashed in a couple weeks now. Which furthers my suspicion it has something to do with the database?

    I snt in heaps of info to Manuel in Support including Ableton logs (i'm on similar Kontakt and Ableton versions to you), who asked me to try all sorts of things, but devs haven't been able to find a deeper issue yet. I ran the NI diagnostic tool and more.

    There is apparently NO way to show which files are "incompatible" upon scanning for new folders too, and that seems like a big limitation, if some incompatible files are in fact crashing things. Like, if there's a problem with files, TELL us why and which ones they are.

    I've kept the support thread alive ("[Native Instruments - #3948982] Re: Kontakt 7 crashes (Latest as of 12/5/2022)") and pointed Manuel here in hopes your info will give him and the team more insight.

  • maki
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    Thanks for suggestions ill look whether it is a possible reason. However i have dedicated ssd just for kontakt libraries and never installed there anything else than kontakt libraries..:/

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @maki I looked in our system and could not find a request from you regarding this issue so I created one for you. Check your inbox. @TORLEY thanks for pinging me in order to help Maki here, even if I'm a bit late to the party,

  • maki
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    Many thanks i will follow instructions. I am usually much more successful following advice on a random forum from a random fellow which solved the issue than via long and time-consuming support so i did not create one yet:)

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