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Jakob Zimmermann
Jakob Zimmermann MunichMember Posts: 3 Sine

Hey y'all,

I'm working with Maschine software as my main DAW (I make beats and loops). I also have Logic, Ableton and FL but I just love the workflow and the simplicity of Maschine. However there are a few things missing to make it a full DAW actually (i.e. easier way of importing drums, better automation drawing, audio quantization, more exporting options and more). Other DAWs like Logic or FL make those major updates all the time why isn't Native Instruments doing so? I'd love to see Maschine 3.0 and I'm really interested in what you think of this topic.



  • Reefius
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    Maschine is a groovebox, not a DAW.

  • GoKeez
    GoKeez MiamiMember Posts: 53 Tri

    If you like the simplicity of Maschine, why do you want it to be more complicated? Wouldn’t that make it one of the other DAWs you already have? Why not just use Maschine plugin within the DAW that has what you want? This is one of the main ways Maschine was intended to be used. Simplicity and its hardware integration is the main feature after all.

    That said, i too am looking forward to what’s in store for M3 but I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath. NI is pretty slow development wise. I guess quality over quantity as it relates to feature updates.

  • Jakob Zimmermann
    Jakob Zimmermann MunichMember Posts: 3 Sine

    by simplicity I meant the design, hardware integration as well as arrangement section. I don't want it to be more complicated I just want it to be more efficient and have more features. For me Maschine is a DAW with focus on making beats. I can do everything in Maschine I do in other DAW's. Maschine as a plugin in Logic/Ableton is cool but I'd rather use it as a standalone especially bc of the workflow. So personally I think NI should rework the audio recording section as well as the user sample library. These are the most annoying things in Maschine right now. I work with Maschine probably 6-7h a day...

  • Jakob Zimmermann
    Jakob Zimmermann MunichMember Posts: 3 Sine

    yup I agree.. unfortunately... it seems like NI is concentrating more on the things that bring them money in the short run (Kontakt Banks, Hardware, collaborations and One Shot Kits...). But I think there are quite a lot of producers that would use Maschine as a standalone again if it had those added features we talked about.

  • AlphaCentori
    AlphaCentori Member Posts: 2 Noise

    If they upgraded Maschine V1 to V2 why wouldn't they upgrade it to V3. It's only a matter of time i think.

  • D-One
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    The next version should be around the corner, if instead of it being named let's say 2.15 it's named 3.0 what difference would it make? It would still have the same stuff. 3.0 Is just a number...

    Maschine adopted long ago an incremental smaller change update cycle, which is supposed to = more updates per year but with smaller changes, if even this feels slow I can't imagine a major update which usually implies a considerable amount of new features packed into a single version.

    This is just me speculating but for a major version to be justified a full re-write would be in order, getting rid of the old codebase and libraries that make everything so slow and maybe even some things impossible, that's a major endeavour that would take a ton of time and resources tho, it's kind of what 2.0 was supposed to be.

  • ozon
    ozon SwitzerlandMember Posts: 396 Saw

    Major version number increases generally mean either that large parts of a product were completely redone while keeping or improving the current functionality, or that there are major breaking changes like completely new concepts where current functionality is not preserved.

    There are some software developers which regularly release a major version which simply are a collection of new or improved features, additional plugins, bug fixes and minor GUI tweaks in a marketable package.

    Frankly, I find it quite remarkable how NI managed to add so many new features since Maschine 2.0 in 2013 with very few backward compatibility issues and without ever charging for them.

    Here’s an overview of all updates.

  • Ed M
    Ed M Member Posts: 6 Sine

    Making the Maschine software an actual DAW might kill the workflow philosophy of the software. On the other hand, a few adjustments might be very handy: for instance a better piano roll, a graphical EQ...Quality of life improvements that would help a lot but don't change the initial idea behind the application.For the time being I'm just hoping that Maschine and all other NI software will become Apple M1 native as soon as possible.

  • coarsy
    coarsy HeppenheimMember Posts: 7 Sine

    Hi, I'm only producing everything with the Maschine software, my little Maschine Mikro MK1 and my A49 keyboard. My debut album is completely produced with Maschine only. I see no need for using another DAW or another software to complete my tracks. I'm missing only a few things which would make my workflow so much easier:

    • Possibility to select and drag more than one scene at once
    • Copy and paste automations

    Hope that this "little" things will arrive in Maschine soon...

  • Hit-Man
    Hit-Man Member Posts: 2 Noise
    edited January 20

    "Possibility to select and drag more than one scene at once"

    This right here would be the game changer!

    I've made a couple threads talking about how we need the ability to copy and paste multiple scene's at the same time in the Maschine software.

    In one thread I talked about a "clunky" way to use "Clips" to copy and paste multiple scenes. Here's a gif.

    We need the ability to do what's being done in that gif but with regular Scene's and patterns. How could anyone that makes complete songs(not just 4 and 8 bar loops) in Maschine not want this feature?

  • D-One
    D-One PortugalModerator Posts: 480 mod
    edited January 21

    That along with splitting and merging are a few of the most requested things in regards to Clips, they are aware. Hopefully, such a small change won't require waiting for a major (3.0) version or we won't see it anytime soon.

    Nice GIF skills btw 👍

  • ozon
    ozon SwitzerlandMember Posts: 396 Saw

    Indeed, those hi-res graphical screens are sorely underused.

  • DeepThumb
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