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Does anyone have an older version of Traktor Pro 3 in their Mac files such as version 3.5.2? If so, can you please comment and share the actual app installation with me please? I currently am running Traktor 3.8.0 and it isn’t compatible with my MacOS and I need to use an older version, but my computer deleted all of the backups. The application files will look like what I circled in the image I attached! I appreciate any help thank you

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  • Markovicz
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    Thanks for the offer, but NI will certainly not have users host their downloads : ) Somebody decided to handle the topic this way and provide installers on request (which does not happen too often anyway), so we will have to live with that.

    BTW I have answered your request in the other thread with a link to the 3.7.1 installer :) H E R E it is again.

    @lord-carlos : I don't know anything about DropBox being used by NI, but using Google Drive is nothing hilarious but a regular way how businesses handle single d/l requests. Large companies mostly have Google Business plans, so it's nowhere near the free way of using Google, and since the company is paying for this, data protection is handled way differently also.


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