AtlasOS free tool for optimizing Windows

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This is something I saw on Linus Tech Tips channel recently. It is made for gamers but it looks like it could be useful for us too. Check it before buying a new laptop.

I didn't have a chance to test it out yet but it looks like it is streamlined version of Windows that improves latency. Worth a shot for my old HP 4th gen i7 laptop which struggles with Stem files.




  • Quade
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    Thanks For This. I do not have a gaming laptop but I do have an i7 3rd Gen which I will gladly test on.

    Always looking for something much better & more convenient to use.

    Will most definitely test & provide feedback.

    Much appreciated@Stevan

  • lord-carlos
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    What would be a good way to test this?

    Run LatencyMon with windows 10 and then Atlas while mixing?

  • Quade
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    So I just managed to install AtlasOS

    These are my findings

    Start menu removed all shortcuts so I had to pin hem to my Taskbar, re-configured the Serato & Traktor shortcuts so they run in realtime(notice an improvement since I started setting them with a script a few years back)

    There is SIGNIFICANT performance improvement & my machines boots into windows within 10sec.

    So I use Game Booster 3.4 to assist with performance improvement & I did get a bit of performance from my machine after Id0 start the boost, I have not tested it now after the AtlasOS install & my my usage is like 10% running both Traktor & Serato.

    Load time for both has decreased alot.

    Running Serato is pleasing & so smooth than before.

    The problem now is Traktor.

    There is a lag in visual when playing /loading tracks, you can visually see it. I will change a few settings again & provide feedback but other than that, I have not noticed any spike increases from the load meters on both software. They are literally idling around 10%

    I'll upload a short clip a bit later to show the visual lag in Traktor.

    Other than that, I am keen to take this new improvement for a test drive This Thursday.

    Thanks Again @Stevan For The Info.

  • Stevan
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    Thanks @Quade for testing and providing the feedback! Looking forward to testing myself this weekend.

    Hopefully you will be able to figure out the visual bit. Would like to see what is happening so waiting for thje vid of yours.

  • Stevan
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    If your PC is working fine than you don't need this. Ultimately, the overall latency number should be different in Preferences --> Audio Device and also the LOAD meter should show less stress too.

  • Monochrome
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    Is it really an "optimization of Windows" though when it gets rid of Windows Defender, Windows Updates (inc. security updates) and Restore Points and System Reset? Just because these features "aren't needed for most gamers" (which, to me, seems like a dumb thing to say) and are considered "resource hungry background processes"?

    This is rather concerning. I get the purpose of Atlas, but security is important.

  • Quade
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    Thanks for the reply. I have just tested using my HP i5 4th Gen machine & Traktor has a Stable visual view, I suspect that IT might be the i7 3rd gen machine but to early to tell. Tested Serato now as well & running very smoothly.

    I'll dig through Github & get in touch with the dev team regarding other queries I have. For now, It's well worth the test & use.

    My machines are hardly connected to the internet, unless my anti-virus software requires updates. I can manually download & install latest windows updates that are important but otherwise, i am happy to use these machines the way they are set up now.

    Will be taking the 1 machine for a full session on thursday & see how the 1 machine performs.

    Thanks again for the hook up on this.

    Happy Testing.

  • Stevan
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    It is the optimization of latency inside Windows. I will install and try this because my laptop is old and otherwise useless for Traktor anyway - if your computer runs fine then don't do this or create a dual boot (which is what I'm going with). If I can get a backup Traktor machine with this it will be great.

  • RedwardMc
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    If it’s a purpose built computer for gaming or audio, sure. Save your web browsing for another computer.

  • Cheef Roberts
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    There are quite a few of these modded Windows available. Atlas seem to be OK for an offline PC only if you ask me.

    On the other hand "Ghost Spectre" is a well known modded Windows that is quite close to the original Windows but just strips away the rubbish you definitely don't need. Check out their YouTube channel.

    Mods like Atlas strip away much more so you are more likely to have problems with compatibility and stability so unless you are an expert in mods or need ultra-low latency then I would stay clear of them.

  • Quade
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    Thanks for this. I managed to install Ghost Spectre & tested Traktor now.... Stable Visual interface, busy customizing my profile again. I can even do windows updates which is good.

    @Stevan You may want to check this out

    Happy testing

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,534 mod

    Will definitely check it out, thanks. Knowing my old HP hardware I will need that bare bones version if I'm going to play Stem files.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,534 mod
    edited April 2023

    Thanks for testing and providing the feedback. I will check both when i can and report back.

  • Quade
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    Howsit @Stevan

    Just an update

    I downloaded the Win 11 version of Ghost Spectre, but before I upgraded to 11, I ran the latest Serato update to test my Roland DJ-505 controller with the stems integration & funny thing is that after the latest Apple update, Serato hung extremely bad & froze up for a good 20min or so, eventually Serato worked again but performance was VERY VERY SLOW & bad. After a few restarts Serato is performing at its peak without running my game booster app. Tested Traktor & same smooth performance result.

    I have just upgraded an hour ago on my HP laptop, did a few minor tweaks, tested both Serato & Traktor..... Stable results, no lags & load is idling very nicely.

    I am planning to upgrade my Fujitsu i7 now. Will provide feedback once I am done.

  • AudiFreq
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    Glad you posted this, I was about to. I have been running Atlas on a 2nd partition (dual boot) for just over a week now, my Atlas install just launches Traktor at high priority when the system starts, networking (and everything else) is disabled, my latency dropped more than 3x 😀

    If you don't know what you are doing, Atlas comes with a lot of risks, especially in security. I don't recommend daily driving it, but if you are just using it for gaming and audio, it's awesome

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