Maschine+, Audio track causes crackles when tuned down to -10 or below.

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Can anyone confirm this issue and maybe there's a way to solve this?

I started to hear crackles even when CPU is at 10% and find out that it is caused by Audio track which I tuned down to -10 in Stretch mode

Steps to reproduce

01 In the empty project on any pad create an Audio track with any loop loaded in it, (not very short).

02 Set this Audio track to Stretch mode and tune it down to -15 or below to be sure.

03 create a Kick drum on the next pad.

= now when I play on the Kick pad I hear crackling. (playback is stopped)

cpu usage is around 9-10%


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  • miknik
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    Hi, i have around the same issue, support tell me that: This is a known bug - MAS2-29093 - and it is in our backlog.

    maybe next update...


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