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  • tetsuneko
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    Been on a bit of a hiatus (life happened, my father died among other things..) but am slowly coming back to porting more ensembles. Added a polarity inverter to the list, as requested by another community user. Next up, a stereo frequency shifter, followed by a compressor or two!

    Reaktor building for M+ is in a weird place right now, since Reaktor desktop has been updated to 6.5, but the Maschine+ standalone version of Reaktor is still stuck at 6.4.3. This means that any desktop users using 6.5 cannot currently build ensembles for M+, you need to use Reaktor 6.4.3 or older.. NI is working on getting the 6.5 update to M+ standalone, but no ETA has been given as of yet.

    More soon..

  • Flexi
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    How do you know NI are working on porting 6.5 to M+, is there a link to that info somewhere?

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 349 Pro
    edited April 21

    IIRC NI stated that they will bring Kontakt 7 and Reaktor update to M+ "later in the year" when they talked about things coming in Q1/Q2 of 2023. I can't remember which thread/post it was though.. If I find it, I'll link to it

  • cafe.de.la.jungle
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    Hey Guys,

    I'm trying to use the Reaktor Efx. Copied them into User Content/Reaktor/Ensembles. But unfortunately, I can't see them when choosing the Reaktor FX in Maschine when looking for presets. Appreciate any suggestion on what I'm doing wrong. When I look for presets when Reaktor FX is loaded I can see some other machines' presets. Most likely I'm doing something stupid.

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 349 Pro
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    I think I have mine in "User Content/Reaktor" on my SD card but I doubt adding one folder would make the ens files not load? Many of the ensembles on this thread do not have more than one preset, you need to save new custom presets for em. Since Maschine+ automatically remembers all Reaktor ensemble settings on project reload, I've not felt it necessary to spend too much time adding in (many cases redundant) presets.

    Remember, you need to select "USER" on M+ hot button #4 for the Maschine browser to show you user presets, otherwise you will only see presets from the Factory Library.

    EDIT: I double checked things on my unit, and seems NI have one "sublevel" in their browser structure which is not being used on many of these ensembles.. On most of them, this sublevel just reads "new", which hints at this being some sort of label somewhere within Reaktor which is always titled "new" by default.. Assuming this is the init state of the label when starting from scratch with a new Ensemble file 🤗 Some of the ens files do have this sublevel titled correctly. so I'll need to take a peek a those ens files and see what is different about them

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 349 Pro

    Another addition to the library

    A Compressor based on Reaktor 6 Core module with external sidechain option

    I'll add this to the OP as well

  • nuromantix
    nuromantix Member Posts: 19 Member

    Am I right in thinking it's safe to update M+ but not to update Reaktor on the computer?

    I rely heavily on using my own Reaktor ensembles on M+. I would like to update M+ to get the autosampling feature but I don't want to mess up the Reaktor compatibility which is working really well at the moment.

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,766 Expert

    The main thing is the version on computer is not newer than the one on the M+.

    Therefore, if you update M+ (and its Reaktor version with it), you must ensure you install on computer the same Reaktor version (or older, I think this should work). If on computer Native Access has only installation for newer version, you must ask NI support to provide you the one on pair with Maschine+ Reaktor

  • Ruffiano
    Ruffiano Member Posts: 6 Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying your ensables on my Maschine+ and everything is working great, a part that the effects (like the Stereo Utility 1.0) stop working after something like half an hour (didn't check how long it takes to stop) of using it in a project, and has consequence of it, that pad / group won't emit any sound until I bypass that custom effect (or I load the project again).

    Any of you having the same issue?

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,053 Expert

    @Ruffiano AFAIR, ensembles stop working after 30 minutes if Reaktor runs in demo mode. It seems you have an issue with your Reaktor license, which is not uncommon. Contact support, the can help if that is the case.

  • Ruffiano
    Ruffiano Member Posts: 6 Member

    Hi @ozon ,

    Thanks a lot for your reply but I'm still a little confused.

    I'm talking about Reaktor running on Maschine+ in standalone. Isn't it just the player version that is free? If it's like you said, all the Reaktor presets should have the same issue, right?

    I don't own any other license for it. Do I need to own the Reaktor Pro license in order to use these custom ensambles in standalone?

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 349 Pro
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    If it's only the Stereo Tool 1.0 which does this, it might have something to do with how that particular ens file is authored. @ozon made that one, right?

    I know the OTT ens can also instantiate in a state where all sound becomes muted until the ens is bypassed, I think it might be some sort of denormal problem as I don't think I'm initializing the DSP exactly according to best practices 🤗

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,053 Expert

    Oh. AFAIK, only licensed ensembles by NI can be used with the free Reaktor Player.


    REAKTOR instruments built by Native and our partners need an engine to run, so install REAKTOR PLAYER first, and you’re good to go.


    The NI team would love to hear from you – get in touch to find out about licensing your REAKTOR devices for REAKTOR PLAYER.

    Whether the M+ comes with a full Reaktor license or not, I don’t know.

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