Running Native Access activates what I have but I am missing stuff

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The listed products Native Access shows get installed, but there are parts of Komplete 14 that I bought that did not appear in Native Access (3.3.1):

From post: "[New release] Komplete 14 has landed" shows what is installable:

I submitted a ticket for this:

A new ticket has been created for your request (3901767) - we will reply as soon as possible.

I don't know if others are affected, I'll write back when this is fixed.

These are missing/not downloaded/installed:



Crispy Tuner

Body Mechanik

Bumpin Flava

Burnt Hues

Certified Gold

Crate Cuts

Electric Touch

Lunar Echoes

Concrete Sun

Sacred Futures

Satin Looks

Trill Rays  

Young Phantom     

Electric Mint

Electric Vintage

Picked Nylon   

Prime Bass

Choir – Omnia    

Lunar Echoes

Sacred Futures

Satin Looks

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