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Apple Silicon

uksnowy Member Posts: 24 Member

Regarding the statement earlier made by NI. I would consider the beginning of 2023 now over. Any update on this. I am holding off buying into Apple silicon due to compatibility concerns. I am aware that Reaktor works with Rosette, but reports say that this comes with a performance hit. An update would be appreciated please NI.

All Komplete 14 products will support Apple Silicon natively early in the last quarter of 2022, with the exception of REAKTOR 6 and TRAKTOR PRO 3 which will follow in the beginning of 2023.

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  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 3,487 Expert
    edited March 2023 Answer ✓

    The performance hit under Rosetta is negligible - and completely outweighed by the performance benefits of Apple Silicon. However Reaktor with Apple Silicon compatibility is in beta at the moment so release shouldn't be too long.

  • uksnowy
    uksnowy Member Posts: 24 Member
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    Thank you.. I appreciate the prompt response.

  • iNate
    iNate Member Posts: 136 Advisor
    edited March 2023

    It’s not negligible, and it’s even less negligible when you factor in some DAWs have to be run under Rosetta to host it. So your entire production is being run under the emulation, and different software application lost varying levels of performance when run under emulation… this includes DAWs, plugins, virtual instruments and other utilities.

    The performance gains are always negligible until software is updated and suddenly the developers are telling you how you gain 20% performance for this and 35% for that, etc. ;-)

    Some plugins are quite buggy under Rosetta, esp. for timing or sync critical functions. Reaktor itself may be fine but specific ensembles can have their own issues caused by being run under Rosetta emulation - particularly when being hosted out of process with ARM Native DAWs like Logic or Bitwig.

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 3,487 Expert
    edited March 2023

    Yeah but I'm referring specifically to Reaktor not production in general and I'm much happier to be getting the huge performance benefit from Apple Silicon (which compared to my old system is a rocket) than worrying about the odd percentage Rosetta may be taking back.

  • elismdnb
    elismdnb Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Hey, is there already a Date for for a Traktor Pro 3 Silicion Support Version? Or a beta would be also nice

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