Pioneer DJM-A9 and Traktor

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SO Pioneer have dropped this on us all:

They state both Rekordbox and Serato OTB ... with Traktor now open to all soundcards I'm guessing that Scratch compatibility is a given?

Thoughts everyone?


  • bonlando
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    Hoping there'll be a firmware update to include Traktor otb

  • Aquamotorboogie
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    I've just paid out a deposit on two 3000's and the new A9 (My luck it was released on the day I went in for the CDJ's , the Pioneer V10 LF was my 1st choice but that was like waiting for a bus at the North Pole) So ten days and I should have my package. First thing I did though when I got home was to check through the spec'.............and then ? NO Traktor support !

    All this came about because my S4 needed replacing and NI seemed to have dropped the idea of new hardware. I've posted very little here, but sometime ago I mentioned all the now unsupported old NI hardware I have. Well it now seems NI is not only dropping it's own products but I getting the feeling other manufacturers are dropping NI. I have quite a few NI plugins and pieces of hardware but I'm now drifting towards continuing with only the likes of Arturia, Cherry, Qube, Steinberg etc.

    I'm saying this only because a decade back NI looked so look, what a shame.

    (surely they can't just live off preset collections ?) 😕

  • djsubculture
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    No one has tried to see if the A9 works with Traktor Pro?

  • Patch
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    edited March 26

    Do you guys prefer the A9 to the V10?

    If I was spending that kind of money, I think I'd still go for the V10...

  • djsubculture
    djsubculture Member Posts: 47 Helper

    I like the V10, but it would be overkill for just two turntables.

  • Bibeaux
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    Can anybody confirm A9 works with Traktor?

  • PsytopianDJ
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    Such a big drama to get my hands on this Pioneer DJM-A9 mixer, but I've had it a month now and it's working fine with TRAKTOR PRO 3. The drivers for windows aren't on the Pioneer product page, but are here: DJM-A9 Audio Driver for Windows – Pioneer DJ Support

    Quick run-through video of my settings:

    Hope it helps!

  • djsubculture
    djsubculture Member Posts: 47 Helper

    Tried to get my DJM-A9 to work with my MB Air, but no luck.

    I guess I'll have to switch to Rekordbox. :(

  • Aquamotorboogie
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    Traktor working fine with A9 & 3000's on Mac, but you must have it all ethernet and USB linked. Although I use only WAV files, and with small play lists on small flash drives and a full library of 9400 tracks on a 500 flash drive you gotta wonder what's the point of Traktor now ? Although used in combination with ReCycle for creating interesting samples, I find it makes for a fast work flow and I still use it regularly but not for any DJ work. ( the D/A converters on the A9 are sweet in the chain from 1210mk2 to Traktor).

    I've heard a lot of bollocks about Rekordbox. I don't use it at all with the exception creating flash drives for the 3000's but I must say it only failed to analyse 5 tracks which although play normally in Traktor came up as corrupt. That's not bad out of almost 10000 ! (strangely none of my Vinyl rips presented any problems for Rekorbox).

    I've always loved Traktor for it's many uses outside of pure DJ'ing and will probably continue to update it for as long as it's around, but with so much unusable un supported older NI hardware in the cupboard I don't see any reason for continuing down the NI hardware road. The new Keyboards look nice enough, but tired of waiting I went with Arturia after Novations premium SL keys as well as NI had failed to come with something new (I still haven't got it right.......Now with a Qube controller I could just stayed with the old midi DX7llFD !)

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