Pioneer DJM-A9 and Traktor

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SO Pioneer have dropped this on us all:

They state both Rekordbox and Serato OTB ... with Traktor now open to all soundcards I'm guessing that Scratch compatibility is a given?

Thoughts everyone?


  • bonlando
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    Hoping there'll be a firmware update to include Traktor otb

  • Aquamotorboogie
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    I've just paid out a deposit on two 3000's and the new A9 (My luck it was released on the day I went in for the CDJ's , the Pioneer V10 LF was my 1st choice but that was like waiting for a bus at the North Pole) So ten days and I should have my package. First thing I did though when I got home was to check through the spec'.............and then ? NO Traktor support !

    All this came about because my S4 needed replacing and NI seemed to have dropped the idea of new hardware. I've posted very little here, but sometime ago I mentioned all the now unsupported old NI hardware I have. Well it now seems NI is not only dropping it's own products but I getting the feeling other manufacturers are dropping NI. I have quite a few NI plugins and pieces of hardware but I'm now drifting towards continuing with only the likes of Arturia, Cherry, Qube, Steinberg etc.

    I'm saying this only because a decade back NI looked so look, what a shame.

    (surely they can't just live off preset collections ?) 😕

  • djsubculture
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    No one has tried to see if the A9 works with Traktor Pro?

  • Patch
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    edited March 26

    Do you guys prefer the A9 to the V10?

    If I was spending that kind of money, I think I'd still go for the V10...

  • djsubculture
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    I like the V10, but it would be overkill for just two turntables.

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