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How do I connect my turntable directly into my Maschine MK3?

Ive also be seeing people post they are not getting sound when they connect it. How do I avoid that and get sound from the turntable ?

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    For an accurate answer, one must provide minimum details about what's going on otherwise we either assume things or have to ask a ton of questions.

    If Maschine accepts Line level as I mentioned and there's an output in the back of that turntable with a switch that says "Line" (according to YT videos it does) just enable it and get an appropriate audio cable, there's really not much to it.

    Unless you either

    1. Are using the wrong cable perhaps?
    2. Have you're MK3 Input settings not configured properly somehow and/or it's a software config issue, maybe even OS permissions?
    3. Are you attempting to use the Turntable's Bluetooth Audio feature?
    4. Have something plugged into the Mic input - You also cannot use mic and line simultaneously, if something is patched to the mic in, the line in will automatically disable.
    5. The input volume knob on the MK3 is turned down?

    1 - If it's a cable issue then just search/buy : Male stereo 3.5 mm to 2x 6.35 mm splitter cable, or the US folks: 1/8 inch Male Stereo to Dual 1/4 Mono Male Audio Cable

    If instead, it's issue #2 then I'd need to ask a few more questions...


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