Triggering external synths issue: Synths don't react to midi messages

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I try to use a Maschine Plus to sequence external synths, but my synths do not react to midi messages from the Maschine. I checked with a midi monitor, and I noticed the Maschine only outputs note-off commands, no note-on command is seen in the stream. Midi-sync works fine in my setup, so the flow of midi does work. What am I doing wrong?



  • vanzea
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    And also, when I adjust the transpose value on the Maschine, the triggered note changes (but only note-off). When I adjust the channel, the Maschine keeps sending on channel #1, and seems to ignore the channel setting...

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    This definitely works fine on mine.

    Regarding missing MIDI Note On events, I hardly can imagine how that could happen and would rather assume a filter setting in your MIDI monitor application.

    About the channel setting: There are output settings for Sound (Pad) and Group. Make sure they are not conflicting.

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    try and check the following.

    Under Settings -> MIDI

    Here you should find your external MIDI devices and let's assume you connected it via USB

    Here you have to activate your devices first. You only have to do this once.

    If you have activated your devices in the MIDI settings menu,

    Select a pad (Sound) - you want to play/sequence your synth from

    Press CHANNEL.

    Select Output

    Select page 3 MIDI

    Select your external midi device under Dest(ination) - check your MIDI channels

    If you have everything set correctly, you can select the keyboard mode and play your external synth from Maschine.

  • vanzea
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    My MIDI-monitor was filtering on note-on AND note-of, but I only saw note-off. I'll have a look into Sound/Group. I didn't know that. I'll report back if that solves my problem. Thanks.

    Those things I did correct. I'm old school, I connected everything via midi, not USB. I'll recheck my settings, since my understanding of how the Maschine functions is apparently not complete. Thans for your comment.

  • vanzea
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    Weird. This morning I tried to reproduce the same situation I had yesterday (with no midi-on being sent). But today everything works as it should. I get a note-on and a note-off, it reacts to change in channel# and tranposition.

    Yesterday my Maschine had been powered for a few hours, so maybe that was the cause for the weird behaviour. Sometimes my Maschine has these weird behaviours. Lets hope the fix this in the next update.

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    If you are using oldschool DIN MIDI, I strongly recommend updating the Maschine+ firmware to the latest version. According to the changelog, DIN MIDI stability was greatly improved.

  • vanzea
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    Yes I did, thanks for the tip.

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