Is NI gonna make a new mixer?

I've been patiently waiting hoping they were going to drop or at least hint of a new battle mixer. I'm ready to just switch to Rane and Serato all together which sucks. Just wondering if anyone has heard of anything?


  • Patch
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    Same here mate. What I wouldn’t give for a Traktor Pio S9/S11 or Rane 70/72…

    It’s what Traktor urgently needs in order to get back in the game.

  • TheoryAck Beatz
    TheoryAck Beatz Member Posts: 5 Member

    For real, I've been using the Z2 for years and it's outdated like mfr. I know if Traktor would come out with a mixer to compete with Rane and Pioneer it would be super dope and I would definitely buy.

    If they don't announce something soon I'm gonna switch and that sucks. 😤

  • lord-carlos
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    About a year ago they said they are working on new hardware. But no one knows what it is. And when it will be released. Or if they still are working on it.

    Serato will get you a nice selection of battle mixer, phase HID support, stem separation and a collection browser that does not trigger epilepsy. Why not switch?

  • Scratch-E Con
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    Why not use both? If you buy a high end battle mixer it comes with a Serato Pro license. You can still use the mixer with Traktor with some limitations of course.

  • TheoryAck Beatz
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    I have alot of NI products and like all the integration, ya we can map and make other things work which is fine but I know if Traktor dropped a new battle mixer to compete with these other ones it would be pretty dope. Wishful thinking though and probably just gonna get a Rane 72 atp 🤙

  • MrSceptic
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    Same here- I feel everybody waited long enough and it’s very obvious that NI has long ago given up on their Battle DJs.

    Its SO disappointing.

    A lot of ppl are switching to Serato and who is surprised!?

    How much does it suck to need to switch from a DJ platform one has supported and believed in for a decade?

    As much as it does that the same company leaves one hanging in the dry.

    I asked multiple times but the lack of responses and announcements is the most clear response.

  • TheoryAck Beatz
    TheoryAck Beatz Member Posts: 5 Member

    I bought a rane mk2 and switched to serato and I love it, what an upgrade. The whole setup just works better, the fader on the mk2 is super dope. Switching has definitely made me a better dj for sure, I recommend it if you can

  • djrichy5
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    I have used several Z1s over the years, and I understand the frustrations and woes that battle style DJs here with Traktor face. I've also gotten a Pioneer s9 and Rane 72 just to keep with the current times. I've been a Traktor user since its inception and there are benefits to both sides. Hell, Algoriddim DJ Pro has come in a major way - it's disrupted the market in a big way! There's something about Traktor that keeps me hanging on! I would love to have a conversation with the Traktor division to get a real-world standpoint of how they're treating their DJs - from both a hardware and software perspective - and how they can help improve the situation for their DJs. Just please take the step of releasing new material already. For better or worse, it's time.

  • TheoryAck Beatz
    TheoryAck Beatz Member Posts: 5 Member

    Ya I have been using Traktor for 10 plus years and wanted so bad to buy a new mixer from them and stick with em, but they just left us all hanging which is unfortunate. They're losing business and it feels like they don't care at this point.

  • Mutis
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    Traktor is in comma.

  • Kayya
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    The 4-channel mixer would be good in terms of controls. (be careful that there are controls

    A player controller with jogwel, big keys, filling the scene with complete keys would be nice. (just make sure he's a player)

    İt would be nice if these two devices were compatible with x1 and f1, if they didn't kill them. x1 and f1 would turn into more effects and performance pads.

    I never support a one-piece controller. After 1-2 years it will not be up to date and they will disappear. the best solution is hybrid and modularity.

    @lord-carlos ' I would appreciate it if you could share with us the source of the information they are working on a new device.

    When we come to my personal comment, I will say this. I think there will be no product as we imagined. It was far behind the race. People are gone. I feel like we stayed here as friends who try to make art by spending very little money. I think this brand has gained such a place in the market. Will most likely remove it from the copy of other devices on the market. and years of waiting will be frustration.

    We saw that the topics of friends who opened separation topics were prevented from being at the top of the lists. It was very bad to witness them.

    However, I would like to add so that you do not block this title, This brand with the best infrastructure is this brand. The brand with the product philosophy is the best seated brand. It has discipline like a government institution. I do not deny them.

  • lord-carlos
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    It was a year ago. Maybe the thread from Friedemann where he said he will share more? I can't remember.

    And it was a single sentence in a full post. Just ~we are working on hardware~ type of thing. No details what so ever.

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