'Previews' will not install in fresh, full K14 Ultimate install, win10 OS rebuilt last night.

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Ive just finished installing my entire K14 library, but the Previews will not install.

I noticed Previews was the last install that hadnt finished when I woke up this morning, and monitored it for about 30 minutes until concluding it was stuck. I closed NA, reopened it, restarted the install. Same. (could not cancel because it was already in 'installing' state)

Quit NA, found all downloaded temporary files (the Previews ISO) and found partial install in library folder structure. Partial install is 6.92GB in size out of 8.5GB total. Deleted all files. Rebooted.

Re-downloaded fresh copy of Previews via NA, began to install. Never finishes installing. Gets to 6.92GB installed in my library, then never finishes.

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

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  • Milkman
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    Could this be a UTF file name length issue?? I have made a local folder "E:\LIBRARIES\NI LIBRARIES\Previews

    Have I exceeded the 260 char limit, but NA isnt giving an error??

    EDIT: My path to one of the first Previews looks like this:

    E:\AUDIO LIBRARIES\NI CONTENT LIBRARIES\Previews\Samples\00b224af-b357-4dfe-9929-414bbdf97d6f\Sounds\Absynth Twilights\.previews\6ft Tall Koala.nabs.ogg

    This is 155 characters long. Im shooting in the dark here, but this shouldnt be beyond win10's file length limitations.

  • Milkman
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    Welp. Im not going to reinstall my entire K14 library just to troubleshoot this, and the issue persists, so I guess Ill be running without all my Previews. Such is life.

  • Brad Yost
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    Yes, it is likely that it is a Julian/UDF length issue. I had (and solved) this same issue in 2018 by making the path as short as possible.

    In your instance try just E:\NIPRV\......

    At the last section of the Previews installation, some of the paths push the 256 character limit.

    Search for my previous posts on this subject.

  • Milkman
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    Thanks for sharing that. When next I reinstall the entire library, I'll keep that in mind. For now, I won't be doing manual filename editing on over 2GB worth of samples and their respective folders. I'll use what previews I have.

  • Jeremy_NI
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