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Hi. My name is Duwayne I created a script of the A-Series and the M32 works with FL Studio. It's called the Fruity NILA.

By using the Native Instruments Host Integration protocol instead of the limited MIDI mode Native Instruments provides, the controller acts as if it was connected to Ableton or Logic Pro X. The Komplete Kontrol App and/or Plugin does not have to be running for this script to function. FRUITY NILA doesn't interfere with the operation of the Komplete Kontrol Plugin.

You must have Komplete Kontrol v2.3.0 or higher, Firmware 0.3.9 or higher and FL Studio 21 or higher.

Find it here: https://github.com/soundwrightpro/FRUITY-NILA

I would love to make a script of the S-Series but I don't own one. Would love if Native Instruments could send one my way since I've added a bunch of value to the A-Series and the M32. My script works flawlessly, making the controls a great option of FL Studio (the most popular DAW in the world).


  • dexl
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    What does this script actually do?

  • Duwayne Wright
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    • knob support for some built-in plugins
    • automatic mod wheel and pitch wheel support on plugins that have that function (set range to 12 on Pitch in the Channel Window for Pitch to function correctly)
    • volume control in the piano roll for the selected sound
    • quick quantize works
    • red box around mixers under control
    • transport play, record, stop control
    • count-in - toggles countdown before recording
    • restart (shift + play)
    • loop - toggles between pattern and song mode
    • metro - toggles metro off and on
    • tempo - uses a tap to set tempo
    • undo/redo - works as expected, hold shift to redo
    • four-directional push encoder - up, down, left, right and push for enter/accept (works on channel rack, mixer, browser and others)
    • play, rec, stop, loop, metro light up when engaged from FL Studio or controller
    • quantize quick quantize, auto (shift + quantize) cycles through global snap options
    • knobs All 8 knobs control volume in channel rack or mixer, depending on what windows is active
    • knobs + shift controls pan in channel rack or mixer, depending on what windows is active
    • mute and solo buttons work on selected track in channel rack or mixer when shift is held down, depending on what windows is active
    • if the Komplete Control Plugin (not to be confused with the Application) is active, to switch between modes do the following (or vice versa):

    press TRACK Instance and that returns all knobs to FL Studio

    if FL Studio is active (you can tell if Scale & Arp buttons are not lit) press in this order, Instance (Shift+Track), PLUG-IN MIDI. Knob function has now returned to the Komplete Kontrol Plugin.

    if you want to assign the eight knobs yourself, go to MIDI Mode. To do this hold shift and press MIDI. Assign the knobs as you wish. You have four pages of knobs to do so. To return to full control mode, Press TRACK

    • OLED - shows what module window is open with Playlist, Piano Roll, Browser, Channel Rack
    • OLED - Mute & Solo light up for Channel Rack
    • pushing down on 4D encoder is enter, useful for plugins like Flex when you want to choose a new sound after scrolling through using 4D encoder
    • shift + pushing down on 4D encoder toggles between open windows.
    • clear (shift + stop) functions as the escape key
    • channel and mixer track names on the OLED. For the Mixer all track names start with "M: " and for the Channel Rack all track names start with "C: ". Tap on a knob to see the name of what it controls.
    • Scroll through FLEX settings with the 4-D controller (up, down, left, right; click on the list in FLEX then use controls)
    • play button flashes to tempo, record button flashes to tempo when recording is engaged and play button light is engaged
    • volume and pan values are displayed on the OLED. Tap on a knob to see the value of the track it's controlling.
    • interact with something on the keyboard, it displays what it is in the hint bar
    • don't know what a button does? Press it and look at the hint bar. Spells it all out for you.
    • volume displayed in dB on the OLED (my thanks to Image-Line for the assist)
    • consolidated into one file for easier updates
    • status messages on OLED when corresponding buttons are pushed, eg. auto (shift + auto) now shows the snap setting on the OLED
    • shift + 4D knob activates the plugin picker, use the 4D knob directions (left, right, up, down) to choose the plugin you want to load (macOS, see known issues)
    • shift + 4D button - switching between mixer, browser, channel rack, playlist and piano roll (when visable)
    • shift + 4D button double press opens plugin picker
    • able to see what the 8 knobs are linked to when you move the 4D jog wheel
    • can add auto markers in playlist (double click to add, double click again at same point to remove)
    • time/seconds or beats/bars on OLED when playlist is selected (depending on what you have active in FL Studio)
    • jumping between markers in playlist (left and right on 4d)
    • when broswer is the active window, double press 4D button when plugin or sound is selected. Right click menu will open.
    • when the channel rack is the active window, navigating between groups on the channel rack (double click to open menu)
    • Go through presets on the channel rack when a plugin is selected (only for plugins that support selecting presets from FL Studio, not through plugins internal structure)
    • switch between multiple instances of Komplete Kontrol Plugin by pressing shift+instance, then scroll through instances with 4D
    • mute & solo buttons light up with active in Channel Rack or Mixer

    and more.

    I'm planning on making videos of features this month at https://www.youtube.com/@the.man.from.toronto

  • Faflox
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    I have a hard time trying to install the script.

    I followed the instructions and managed to do everything as stated on your GitHub, but the controller just treats every button as a piano roll input. Do you have any solution to this? (all of my software is up to date)

    Kind regards!

  • Duwayne Wright
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    I do... but would need to know what version of FL Studio you're using and what version of the firmware you have installed on the keyboard?

  • Faflox
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    Hi, it seems that FL studio version 21.0 was the problem, I updated to FL 12.0.1 and everything works like a charm. Thank you!

  • Duwayne Wright
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    I'm guessing you meant 21.0.1. Either way, glad it worked out for you!

  • komthusr
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    Fantastic job, Duwayne. Thank you.

  • Phser
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    Hi bro everything works for me but some option like Scale Edit and ARP EDIT and IDEAS Not working also my version of fl studio is 21. Do You now How i can solve it? THX BRO🙏

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