Tip: Multitracking Maschine live via ASIO Link Pro (Windows only)

filip pietrzykowski
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Hi, there,

I think this application - Asio Link Pro, needs some extra light, as this is a super handy, very smart solution for connecting and patching audio signals within our PC.

Odeus ASIO Link Pro Patcher

A patcher for O-Deus ASIO Link Pro

ASIO Link Technology

The best driver level audio routing solution for Windows

For some reason (maybe because this app has no updates and it's free to use!), information about this app is kind of obscure. Only few videos on youtube, and I do think this application deserves to be known for its functions.

This could be very useful for people recording their live set (hardware/software) in real time, with the option to multitrack. Additionally, this app allows to send the audio signal to other applications (DAW/asio) as well as OBS, Discord, etc - simply you can route internally audio signal, like on the massive mixing desk.

So this is a kind of internal patcher (digital) which can also send audio signal via Network to another system.

Here is a video explaining how I use it to multitracking live Maschine performance, and this could be helpful for anyone who wants to multitrack the session.

In the video I explained how I use it, and for what purpose, links to the program, manual, and everything else in the video description.

Please subscribe to my channel, there are some info about utilizing Maschine in different way then it was meant to be:), and other technical details.

I plan to deliver podcasts about audio-midi music production, bi-weekly!

Maschine is an important part of my setup.



  • Nico_NI
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing @filip pietrzykowski!

    Dropping this here for general information, it's also possible to Route MASCHINE 2 Sounds to Separate Audio Tracks in Ableton Live and many other DAWs.

  • filip pietrzykowski
    filip pietrzykowski Member Posts: 41 Helper

    yes, indeed, there are almost no limits in internal routing digital signal (no a/d/a conversion),

    so best quality, I really think this app need some thumbs up, it's freeware and can do cool things.

  • Peter Harris
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    It sounds amazing! I downloaded it and will try to get it set up tomorrow.

  • filip pietrzykowski
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    I watched the video, and this is something completely different.

    The difference is your Maschine is in STANDALONE MODE, therefore it works like an instrument,

    no need to touch mouse&keyboard.

    Once you put it inside the DAW as plugin - you loose most of the control of the Maschine.

    So this is very important, as I presume some folks use it as STANDALONE.

    What I presented in the video is a situation when you open separate DAW (with Maschine running Standalone)

    and route internally and digitally all INs/Outs into the DAW so you can multitrack it.

    It's like having another audio system with interface:)

    Just did on one PC, probably you need a fast computer to run Maschine standalone with small latency and additional DAW for multitracking.

    ...but it does work very well, once you set it up (it's tricky in the beginning:)

    For anyone who would like to multitrack the performance, live, record what you hear in real time, without any bouncing, exporting... just like in the studio with the multitrack tape.

    Additionally, this app allows you to patch audio within your system, between ASIO and nonASIO applications.

    ...and you can send audio over the network...

    For folks who want to stream high quality audio (no looses on a/d/a conversion), with separate mics, or even to stream entire band (many ins/outs) using OBS, Discord or other app - this is your super mixing desk (ASIO Link Pro), where you can route your audio freely.

    For myself it's a solution (I am temporarily without additional PC for multitracking) and I think for many people who record their performance just as stereo master bus.

    With this app, you can multitrack it and being able to edit/mix it if necessary.

  • Sunborn
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    Asio Link Pro is a good software, but unfortunately is a bit old and never gets updated any more...

    I use VB Audio Voicemeeter, which i find to be much better, with lot more options and regularly updated. It can do whatever connection you can imagine, it is very stable and never failed me. I use it almost 5 years now.

  • filip pietrzykowski
    filip pietrzykowski Member Posts: 41 Helper

    nah mate....

    Voicemeter is a girl's toy for streaming,

    Asio Link Pro is a professional tool for sound engineers, that's the difference.

    Once you crack both of them, you will see there is no comparison to what Asio Link Pro can do,

    compared to Voicemeeter - I tested that app, and really for me, as sound engineer it's a toy and I wasn't able to multitrack, it has only few ins and outs and not even half of the function Asio Link Pro has.

    Yes, Voice meeter is more popular, because most of the folks ain't sound engineers.

    NOt to mention Asio Link Pro is super 'light' for the CPU, latency is shown and it's minimal (below 1ms).

    Routing and connections are organized very much as a proper patchbay should. So once you understand the signalflow in audio - it's all easy and transparent and logical with Asio Link, and I cannot say that about Voicemeeter.

    So in the hands of person who understands signal flow, connections and patching, Asio Link Pro is very powerful tool, and very handy in many situations.

    Show me how to multitrack 12 audio channels off Maschine outs into Voicemeeter - it's not possible, that app allows only for few connections and the latency and CPU consumption makes it impossible to use in a situation like playing music live (latency is too big to perform).

    I am not related in anyway with the Asio Link Pro software, I believe people are unaware that software like this exists and its free. Similar apps cost 250U$ and more (also sending audio via network)

    Once again, those 2 are in different leagues, and Asio Link Pro is for serious tasks in serious application/situation. That's why my post and video.

    I know its not great GUI and seems overwhelming at the start, but once you get it - it will be your Swiss Knife of audio - really handy tool in many situations, especially, if you dont have a comfort of having another audio system for multitracking (best option), but it's great tool for SAMPLING on the Maschine.

    Just patch outputs from Youtube (example) or anything on your PC into Asio Link Pro ASIO inputs - and voila - you can sample it direclty into the Maschine or DAW - digitally, without extra cables and extra a/d/a conversion.

    ...and summing it up - idea of quick and easy sampling was the start for me to research for such app,

    as I watch movies and sometimes I just want to sample quickly a short sound or few bars of some noises:) - I have ASio Link Pro patch set that way, the AUDIO outs of my Video playing software (VLC) goes into patch and into ASIO input of Maschine - so I can sample within a seconds (just need to open Maschine) - and press sample button:)

  • Sunborn
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    ok, i will give it another try! ...i wonder if i can have both apps on the same time.

    however you are unfair to Voicemeeter... i am running Cubase with 32 channels (with the pro version, shareware version is up to 22) routed through it! And it is pretty simple. Maybe you are referring to an older version?

    However, you are right about CPU loading... on my system (old 4 core Intel I7) takes about 6-7%

  • filip pietrzykowski
    filip pietrzykowski Member Posts: 41 Helper


    the voicemeeter got much fewer options to patch - that's the difference,

    it's not 'sound engineering-user-friendly', when Asio Pro is.

    Yes V-meeter contains some of the options Asio has, but it's really limited, and over-complicated with what it is doing.

    I have quite new PC and I have crackles/issues with V-meter, but mostly it is much limited in patching audio options.

    There is no other tool like Asio Pro, free with such transparency and usability.

    Yes it takes time to get your head over it:), but once you do - you will keep that germ on your system forever!

    I have found it primarily for sampling on the Maschine as I do sample a lot of noises, dialogues and some 'music' of the movies, as I am cinema-lover.

    For that purpose it's great, and then I have found other options, and not even touching idea about utilizing network and send audio over Net cable to another computer.

    In a studio situation, when you have many ins/outs and need to patch it, Asio Link Pro is a swiss Knife.

    Particularly if you want to avoid a/d/a conversion and additional cabling and extra devices plugged.

  • Sunborn
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    filip pietrzykowski is it possible to have both running on the same time?

    i.e Asio Link dedicated only to DAW and audio apps and Voicemeeter for anything else? ...without making the CPU too heavy of course...


    -i have only one real sound device (M-Audio with its own asio drivers, but only 8 channels)

    -i do NOT want to use the ASIO4all free driver!

    So, Voicemeeter use the M-Audio Asio... can i make Asio Link Pro to use one of the Voicemeter's Asio (instead of the asio4all, which i have test in the past and found that it is totally worthless for the things i am doing).

    ...btw, i NEVER had audio glitches and crackles with Voicemeeter... ever, seriously, not even once since 2018!

  • filip pietrzykowski
    filip pietrzykowski Member Posts: 41 Helper

    I think it is possible,

    you can route ASIO and non ASIO signals, ins/outs, so possibly you can use voicemeeter together with ASIo Link Pro

  • Murat Kayi
    Murat Kayi Member Posts: 428 Pro

    As a Reaper user you can use ReaRoute the same way, basically. It gives you 16 channels, IIRC

  • filip pietrzykowski
    filip pietrzykowski Member Posts: 41 Helper

    Reaper or Reason? I remember back in the days(before Matrix:) late 90's, Reason had already a smart patch to connect vst ins/outs into Cubase (I dont even remember the model of Cubase:)

    there was this instrument containing 303 and 808/909 with sequencers....that was a fun!

    anyway I do remember it was possible to route this app into Cubase, via small app/patch,

    unfortunately, Reason and Logic are those DAW/music apps I don't own or know how to use

  • Murat Kayi
    Murat Kayi Member Posts: 428 Pro

    No typo, Reaper.

    By using ReaRoute, Reaper can become a central software audio hub for a modular environment of standalone sound sources. I sent CV from VCV Rack to Reaktor Blocks that way

  • filip pietrzykowski
    filip pietrzykowski Member Posts: 41 Helper

    well, the issue is most of folks choose and stick to one DAW...thats my opinion anyway

    Since 90's I used Cubase/Nuendo, and until 2020 - exclusively Nuendo.

    Moving from desktop (32bit) to laptop 64bit, forced me to change DAW (as I used 'older' simple and basic version of Nuendo 32bit and didn't want to upgrade to Nuendo 10)

    Over 2 years and I still struggle with managing new DAW (studio ONE), and still by accident use key-shorts off Nuendo/Cubase....

    Once you learn the DAW (and lets be perfectly honest, it takes years to crack it fully) changing it makes your life difficult.

    I also used to use Ableton and still own it (version 5 or 7?:), but for audio postproduction work is not a tool at all (I am Mastering Engineer professionally redmastering.co.uk).

    I am not going to learn another DAW, no way:)

    Been doing this over 25 years, using DAW for audio work (production and post production), I dont want to learn everything once more.

    I understand though Reaper can do things other DAWs cannot.

  • Murat Kayi
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    I don't know about that, but some other guy told me he had worked with every DAW under the sun extensively and has come to the conclusion that StudioOne is "the best". :D

    So, according to him, you're riding the winning horse - don't fall off, hahaha. All the best, mate!

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