Kontakt 7 ver 7.15 May Have Fixed Mac problems But Broke Windows.....(sigh)

DunedinDragon Member Posts: 464 Pro
edited January 2023 in Komplete Kontrol

Well this is a good one. I happened to notice an update was available for Kontakt 7 this morning when I ran Native Access so I figured I'd go ahead and update it. I didn't read the release notes, but I figured...what the heck. It's just a minor update. What could go wrong?

Well I learned a lesson. NEVER assume anything when it comes to NI stuff. It did the update and when it finished Native Access showed me there was still an update that needed to be installed. This time I did read the release notes and saw it was really for addressing issues on the Mac. But I was already down the road, so I hit Update and again and the button changed to "Queued" and was grey'd out.

I exited Native Access and came back to it in a bit and it showed the Kontakt 7 was updated. I ran it and found out that NONE of the samples would play. However, here's a good one. I ran my Komplete Kontrol and all of them played just fine. The impact for me is pretty minimal since I mostly use Komplete Kontrol rather than Kontakt, but it does bring NI's software quality control and testing of updates into question.


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