Need to Reinstall Part of my K-10-U but a warning came !

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The window came (attached) has this message:

The package was signed with an expired certificate.if you purchased this package recently it may not be authentic Do you want to continue with the installation anyway?

FIRST OF ALL. I am a Mac user System OX 10.13.14 ... so if any recommendation please consider this important info from me.

SECOND: I am the owner of this K10U as an update. I do have my original Driver from Native Instruments, K8U. And also the update 9 and this the 10. I am also registered as a client.

THIRD: The Reason I am reinstalling is because I migrate from HD to SSD via cloning. And all the SHYNTS as the GUITAR RIG presets did not clone. So I just need to recover these presets, all the rest is fine.

FOURTH: Commenting this problem (days before) some help told me this happened because I change the name of the DRIVER, and I can't remember the HD name I set. But also other comment says this is not a problem to Mac. I took some days to find all my KOMPLETE ULTIMATE portafolio with all the Drivers, read again the instructions. But today, starting with the partial re install, happens that "The Certificate has caducated"

I don't want and can't make a mistake here. I am a loner musician. Please if any from same NATIVE INSTRUMENT can help me. Or maybe I have to go to SUPPORT


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    Sorry to come late to the party! Yes you can forward with the installation, that's confirmed by support!


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