How can I chain songs when playing live

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when playing live with Maschine +.

it’s not convenient to scroll thru menu to load the next song

is there a way to assign songs to a program change or is there set list of songs within Maschine

if not, could program change assign to songs, be planned in a future update?

anyone else have the same concern ?

thanks for help


  • Cretin Dilettante
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    Depending on the genre you're playing, it may be best to just incorporate a standalone sampler for transitions while you scroll through and load the next song in your set.

  • Impermanence
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    I hope some day there will be some way of making smooth trasition to happen from project to project, with computer and standalone.

    I’m using another device for this but it would be sweet to rely only to Maschine.

  • 6xes
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    You are asking alot from the maschine+ to carry out an automated process, i assume that would go through all the clicks, button presses etc to eventually load a different song.

    such a automated process barely exists in current Daw's.. let alone on a buggy under powered Maschine+.

    that said...

    if you had one running in standalone... and able to then switch over to computer controlled Maschine application, you could achieve what you want... in that you would still have to prepare tracks in advance..

    Or again if you were in utilising Maschine+ and running Maschine on a PC/Mac as a VST... you could create track templates with your VST preloaded with the Songs required..

    So there are methods ... but not in Standalone Maschine+ mode

  • Jeezs
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    Thanks for all your answers.

    I’ll wait for the next update and if Maschine+ still lack features for live situation, I’ll switch to the MPC as

    it seems It have such a facility.

    or I’ll do all productions on loopy pro or AUM on the iPad, as both can do it too.

    anyway thanks again for help.

  • awol9000
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    I wouldn't wait. Switch now. NI isn't even trying to keep up yet alone compete with the MPC. Chances of anyone getting their feature request is slim to none.

  • D-One
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    There's no way in hell the M+ will ever smoothly transition between 2 projects in the foreseeable future, even on the computer version that would be very, very hard.

    is there a way to assign songs to a program change or is there set list of songs within Maschine

    There are no program changes for that like synths have, synths are much simpler devices but you can make use of tags and add numbers to the project file names to have an organized setlist, something like this:

  • 6xes
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    you had tested the M1 Mac with 15 Vst instances of maschine in Ableton...

    This indeed makes it possible to load songs into a computer version, running in unison with the M+, even if it was limited to putting it into Maschine computer mode(non standalone)

    afterall its not like 13 of those VST instances would be running at any one time..(2 perhaps)

    it would however be a diffucult ask for a lesser computer to carry out the same task!!

    afterall the interrupts would cause the glitching etc for a lesser computer... which is overcome by simply loading the Max amount of VST maschine songs loaded into memory and have them offline until required!

    but hey correct me if this is not a valid workaround!

  • Schmapps1
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    I think you’d be much better off either:

    1:) making each group a song, by condensing each project into a group so you can switch between them easily all in one project

    or, if you don’t think you could fit entire songs into one group each:

    2:) have each group be it’s own instrument/sample group, but make all your songs into one massive project, instead of a bunch of projects. Each new set of patterns can be the next “song” (or different part of a song) and you can have infinite patterns basically.

    you could even tie the lock-states to different “songs” (parts of the massive project)

  • 6xes
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    additionally, in my reaper template, with my standard windows PC... i can have up to 4 instances loaded into memory(probably more), and transition each instance in&out with the press of a single midi button&mixer management... but that has trace elements of audio-crackle

    btw i scored a M1 mac mini base model... going through the transition of establishing reaper, and finding my way through macOS, so far so good!! i need to figure out the time maschine thingy.. i dont want to be doing this all over again... especially if Native access is behaving the way it is currently!! *sighs

  • D-One
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    I wasn't talking about hosting Mas-Plug on a DAW, I'm guessing someone with an M+ that performs live buys it specifically to not have to use a computer, otherwise why not just get an MK3 for half the price?

    But yes, with a DAW and Maschine hosted it's totally possible to chain songs together using multiple instances, you can even have 2 Maschine Applications running on a computer (only Mac) and switch between them using the controller instance button... So while one is finishing you can start to load another. Theres lots of ways if a computer is involved and maybe a second controller too for the DAW.

  • JayTee303
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    You could get one of those small boss loopers sample the last part 1nd load the new song. Then do the transition. The sp404mk2 has this “DJ “ option.

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